Getting better but still pissed!!

im gunna use quibblo for venting! so hers an update on how schools going!

Chapter 1

Getting better but still bad

things have gotten a bit better and im ajusting but i still wish i had some of my friends!! i still hate keyboarding but i made friends with this guy and he lets me vent to him and hes pretty nice! my teachers an as1s though!! he yelled at me for dancing in my seat!!!!!!! i was in my seat!!!!!!1 and im still super pissed off about my locker situation!!! ive turned in the papper to get my locker but we have to wait for everyone on the class to turn it in and the people in my class are being bumb a#Sses and wont turn it in!!!!! so i have to carry likec 20 pounds of junk with me!! some teachers are being nice and not making me take all my stuff but others are making us bring it all!!!!!!! and some teachers are giving Alot of homework and yesterday i stayed up till 12 doing work!! come on its the first week!!!! and i get stressed out really easily and so its been kinda hard!!!!!!!!! and i had my first cheer practice today an i found out for games i cant have my nails painted )= every part of my body embodies self expression!! and trying to change that pisses me off!! and im not the preppy popular girl and so all the other girls on the squad give me crap about being "goth" and "emo" and i have to deal with it none stop for like 3 hours!!!!!!!! but im not gunna let theem keep me away from somethiong i love!!! i really do like cheerleading! its like my escape!!! but everything is slightly looking up and me and my friend are gunna hang out this weekend so that should be good anyway thanks for reading bye!!!!


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