A Very Holmes Love Story (An A.J. Holmes Love Story)

This story is about the talented Mr. A.J. Holmes. :D if you haven't watched/seen any of StarKid's musicals or videos, I would not recommend reading this...it wouldn't make sense. Thanks to everybody who reads...please comment and give me ideas, it would be much appreciated!
Main characters--Emma (me ;D)--tall, brown hair, blue eyes, loud, funny, weird
Ashli--shorter, very pretty, brown hair, hazel eyes, fun, odd
Mr. Schneider--old but fun, very talented

The rest are all StarKids!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1--New Lives

"Ah, Chicago. Home of the Bears, Chicago dogs, our new life..."
"And don't forget Team StarKid!" My best friend, Ashli, exclaimed.
'How could I? Just think...we're going to college in the same city that Chicago is located in! Maybe if we're lucky, we'll get to see a StarKid production!' Ashli looked at me, her eyes wide.
"D...do you really think we might actually get to see StarKid?!'
"Duh! How could somebody live in Chicago and NOT go and see a StarKid production?' Ashli and I were walking around downtown Chicago.
"Maybe we could even find StarKid Manor! I mean all of the StarKids live there! Even...Brian!" Ashli gasped.
"And A.J.," I smiled.
"If we met them, I would probably drop dead. Like...no joke." Ashli looked at me, her face dead serious.
I rolled my eyes. "Of course you would..." I grinned a little bit.
"Oh, you would too! Don't act like you're all high and mighty and if we met StarKid, you wouldn't drop dead beside me!" Ashli stopped to look inside of a store. I grabbed her arm and pulled her away.
"You have no money!" I reminded her. "And besides, I wouldn't drop dead if I met StarKid! Like...I wouldn't if I met Nick, or Joe, or Joe, or Joey, or Lauren, or Brian! I WOULD, however, drop dead if I met A.J." I smiled again. Just thinking about him made me smile. I shook the thought out of my head. It was never gonna happen...A.J. was 22. Me, only a puny little eighteen-year-old in her freshman year of college! He would never go for me!
"Brian," Ashli sighed. "He's so perfect."
"Minus the fact that he's seven years older than us...yeah, he's great!" I said sarcastically.
"Shut up! A.J. is four years older than us! It's not like you'd be getting off easy if your parents found out! Mine don't believe that Brian would ever go for a girl like moi...which he probably wouldn't...but if me and Brian got together, I'm pretty sure my parents would think it's a joke. I bet they won't even come to our wedding!"
"I didn't even know there was to be a wedding! What's the date? And am I the maid of honor?" I asked with a shocked tone.
"Nope. I have officially chosen Janelle as the maid of honor. And the date was last Tuesday! Looks like we all missed it..." Ashli laughed at her joke about Janelle. Janelle was a girl that had pretty much hated the two of us all the way through high school...why? We had absolutely no idea...the only thing that we knew was that she was going to school in Pennsylvania...honestly, we would probably never see her again!
I laughed with her. We had been so happy when we had both been accepted into Brown. We had always known that if we got into a college together, we would definitely be going there. My first choice was NYU, but Ashli didn't get accepted there. Our Brown letters were the last to arrive--it was the only college that we had both gotten into. We were both more than happy to go to Brown together, especially since StarKid was located there.
We had yet to find the StarKid Manor, where everybody who was a member of Team StarKid lived, but we knew that we were certainly going to find it sooner or later! We had arrived in Chicago about two days ago, and we were passing the last couple of days before college began.
"I'm hungry..." Ashli complained.
"You have no money! You really need to get a job!" I exclaimed. I had applied for a job the first day we landed in Chicago, and had been informed that I had gotten the job earlier that day. Ashli still had yet to even think about applying for a job, even though we needed to support ourselves.
"I know..." Ashli sighed.
"C'mon, let's go back to the dorms...there's food in our fridge!" Ashli and my dorm was huge. We had enough room for two beds, two desks, two dressers, two closets, a couch, a mini fridge, a microwave, and we had our own bathroom. We were going to be pretty much living in the lap of luxury for the next four years!
"Oh, yeah! That food that we bought!"
"That I bought," I corrected Ashli. Ashli just rolled her eyes. Over the years, we had bought things for one another, and helped each other out in times of need...so I knew that when she had the money, she would buy food for us.
"What is your schedule for classes?" I asked Ashli once we were back in our dorm room. Not a lot of other people had moved into the dorms yet, so we were pretty lucky. It was quiet, and we could wander the halls, explore around a bit.
"I have...Chemistry, History, and Musical Theater starting Monday. The other days...eh, I'm too lazy to look," Ashli grinned.
"Of course...well, I have Chemistry, English Lit, and Musical Theater tomorrow. So, two out of three classes together...not bad! Unlike in junior high," I grinned at her, remembering our eighth and ninth grade years where we had six out of seven classes together and saw each other pretty much every second of every day.
I was excited for classes to start. I especially couldn't wait to meet my Musical Theater teacher. I was planning on majoring in screenwriting, and minoring in musical theater. I had loved musical theater for pretty much my entire life, and every teacher that I had ever had had been great. My expectations of a Mr. Schneider were pretty high, but when I looked him up online, I knew that he was going to be great.
"Ashli! Look at what our musical theater teacher has done!" I called her over to my laptop. "He's been in Phantom, Cats, West Side Story, Joseph, Rent, Wicked, Sweeney Todd...and he toured with A Midsummer Night's Dream! Dude...he's amazing! I can't wait to meet him!"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Ashli smiled. I knew she was excited, too. Ashli had wanted to be a French teacher for a very long time, and she was majoring in French, and minoring in musical theater. We shared the same passion for musical theater...we had always loved being on stage!
We heard a knock on our door all of a sudden. "Do...do you know who it is?" I asked my best friend, wondering if she had met some new friend or something. I knew almost for sure that that hadn't happened though...I had been with her pretty much every second since we had arrived in Chicago!
There was a woman standing outside of our door. She was tall, taller than me even (and that was saying something!), and looked very stern. Her hair was in a tight bun; there wasn't a hair loose. She had a clipboard in her hand and was wearing a very pressed and neat outfit. "Are Emma Wiggins and Ashli Highmore present?" she asked me. She sounded like a no-nonsense lady.
"Umm...yes, ma'am, I'm Emma Wiggins, and Ashli Highmore is right here," I said, motioning to Ashli who had come up behind me.
"Alright, thank you. Just going around, making sure that everybody is in their proper dorm rooms! Have a good year, girls." The lady walked to the next door, and we could hear the equally terrified voices of some girls that we assumed were freshmen like us.
"I bet you anything she's our dorm adviser...yippee," I said sarcastically as I closed the door behind me.
Ashli grabbed a Sprite out of our fridge and tossed a Dr. Pepper to myself. I had actually been surprised to have found Dr. Pepper in Chicago. I, myself, was addicted to it, having been born and raised in Texas, but I knew that in other places, like New York, where some of my extended family lived, there was no Dr. Pepper there at all. "Ah, the twenty-three marvelous flavors of Dr. Pepper. How amazing," I said as I took a swig from the can, and re-opened my laptop.
Ashli grinned at me. "StarKid?"
"Of course," I smiled. I was wearing one of my StarKid t-shirts, after all. My "Find!" t-shirt made me smile, thinking about Tyler Brunsman and his crazy antics as Cedric Diggory.
"Can we PLEEEEEEASE watch Starship?" Ashli begged me, as I shrank off my bed onto the floor, Ashli sitting right beside me.
I rolled my eyes. I knew she just wanted to watch Brian sing "Kick it Up a Notch," but I didn't mind. Honestly, I loved the song. "Well, grab me my sunglasses!" I exclaimed. Ashli grinned a big, toothy grin and grabbed our matching, pink, StarKid sunglasses from off of our respective desks. She tossed my pair to me. I had gotten hers for her for Christmas the past year...she had loved them so much, that she bought me an identical pair the next week.
We sang along to all the songs, and had a great time. When Starship was over, about two and a half hours later, we were hungry. We devoured some pizza rolls, and then wanted to go explore our dorm building. "Is there a TV room in this building? Cause I do NOT want to always be watching my shows on my laptop!" I exclaimed. "Not comfortable!"
"Yes!" Ashli exclaimed. "We need to watch Glee on the big screen...cause we love Darren so much!" We both loved Glee, and followed it almost religiously, but we mostly watched it for Darren Criss, one of the original members of StarKid, who had made it big onto a hit show!
We explored around our dorm building a bit, finding out where the TV area/lounge was, where the multiple vending machines were, where the gym was, and where the practice rooms (for practicing singing, dancing, etc.) were. By the time we got back to our dorm, it was almost eleven. "Well, at least we kinda know our way around now..." Ashli said, flopping onto her bed. Her purple bedspread matched her purple clothes, and her accessories, among other things.
"Yeah, that's good...right?" I asked, sitting down on my bed and looking around the room, smiling slightly. We had been in our dorm room for just a couple of days, and already it felt like home. There were pictures of the two of us from over the years all over the walls, along with pictures of StarKid, and the assorted things we loved. Our comforters and desks were already adorned with our personalities, and our bathroom already had reminders written on the mirror. I pulled my computer onto my lap to check Facebook.
"Yeah, it's good," Ashli sighed. "I just can't stop thinking about Brian nowadays! I mean, I thought it was bad in high school, but now...geez! It's just like...now that we live in the same city as him and all the other StarKids, I feel like there's more of a chance or something that we might, like, get to meet them! Do you get what I mean?" Ashli looked at me, her hazel eyes that I knew so well filled with many different emotions.
"I get what you mean. I feel the same way," I said. I laughed a little bit. I knew what she was thinking--of course. We were pretty much in each others' heads 24/7. "Do you think we should go to bed? I mean, we have things to do tomorrow--we have to get you a job, buy some more groceries, go shopping for clothes, start finding where our classes are, get our textbooks from the school shop...tomorrow's Sunday. After tomorrow, we've officially started college!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah, I guess. I just am so excited. It's like...it's this adventure that's just right here in front of us, and this new chapter in our life is finally beginning! I remember our first day of freshmen year of high school. I mean, even though we were in junior high, it was still the same as now...a new adventure, a new chapter to our life. But this really is new for us. We've never lived away from home before, we've never done anything outside of going to school, going to marching band practice, and going home, doing the same thing every day. We're finally adults now, we're finally allowed to live our lives the way we want to...it's absolutely crazy. I'm still in shock!" Ashli finally finished.
I looked over at her and laughed. "I agree. And that speech made ME tired! And I wasn't even talking! Let's go to bed," I laughed again as I snapped off the light, going to bed fully dressed. All I could think about was that we were in the same city as StarKid and A.J. And that made me have the best dreams that I had had in a while.


So what do you guys think so far? And tell me ANY ideas that you have, because I will take into account as many as I can! I really appreciate comments and ratings. Thanks for reading!

Listen to your heart,

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