Normal High School?..Yeah Not So Much

Normal High School?..Yeah Not So Much

My take on the Greek gods and goddesses. Please comment exactly what you think good or bad I want to know. Thanks I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Meet Everybody

by: Harper_
I am a wall flower. I admit it because I am proud of it. t my school you can easily slip into the cracks due to the very out spoken student body. Oh did I forget to mention that my name is Athena, daughter of Zeus and Metis and the goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, rational thoughts, and crafting. I am somewhat OCD so i am going to list the entire student body from A to Z. The twins Artemis and Apollo. Artemis has blonde hair so translucent it appears silver. Sheher pale skin is set off by her delicate almost feline features and pale
green eyes. She sometimes comes off as stuck up but she is really quite sweet.
She is the goddess of the hunt, moon and
young girls. Her brother Apollo on
the other hand is her polar oppposite quite literally. His tan makes him look like
he practicallly lives in the sun. His dark blonde
hair so it appears to by spun
gold. He is very cocky and athletic. He is the god of archery, music, the sun,
prophecy, plauge, healing and poetry. You could say he has to have his finger
in all the pies. Then there is Ares. The big muscle-headed imbecile. All brawns
and no brains. He is a wall of a man, with
muscles to make a pro wrestler run
crying to his mommy. His dark brown hair is shaven close to his skull. His eyes
are what intimidates people. They are so red they appear to reflect the fires of
Hades. He is the god of war, and bloodshed. Aphrodite, ahh, Aphrodite. She is
the epitimy of the blonde cheerleader. Her face is disgustingly pretty. Her large
angelic hazel eyes are framed by luxiorious lashes. Her long Carmel brown hair
falls in waves around he shoulders. She can have every guy wrapped around
her pretty pink nailed finger. She is the goddess of love and beauty. Next on
my list is Dionysus. He has violet eyes and shaggy black hair. He is the ehem, "drunk". He really is though. He seems kinda outta shape but he is able to hold his own in a fight. He is the god of wine, parties, maddniess, and merriment. Next is Eris. Eris is the goddess
equivelent of a gothic person. She has long black curly hair and dark eyes that flash with confusion. Her attitude towards life isnt the greatest and she is often misnuderstood. She is the goddess or disarry, and confusion. Now we have Eris's complete opposite. Harmonia. Total flower child and prep. Her golden locks of wavy blonde hair are held back by a band of pure silver around her forehead. Her sparkling green eyes are almost catlike. She is the goddess of harmony. Now my friend Hephestus. He like me sees no reason to get into drama. He is a parapeligic because his crazy mom Hera threw him off Mt. Olympus. He has black hair that that is often singed at the tips. His brown eyes are always twinkling with laughter. He is the god of fire and forges. Then we have Hermes. He is the total class clown. He actually has his own seat in the prinicipal's office. His blonde hair was almost white. His Amber eyes are always fun of mischief. He is a trickster and a gossip. Hermes is the god of flight, thieves, commerce, and travellers. He is a jack of all trades persay. Hypnos, twin brother of Thantos, is very gentle. He is a little on the chunkier side. With his pale platinum blonde hair and bottle green eyes. He is the god of sleep.Iris is the goddess of rainbows. She has a golden atn and short hair cut into a asymetrical bob that is naturally every color of the rainbow. Her eyes are the same way.Khione is the goddess of snow and ice. Her skin is so pale you can clearly see her blue veins. Her crystal blue eyes are set off by her silvere hair with coal black streaks. She is stuck up and comes off very cold (pun intended). Nemisis's ash brown hair and steel gray eyes are very prominant in her delicate features. She is vindictive and un afraid to speak her mind. She is the goddess of revenge and retribution. Nike is the goddess of victory. She is lanky tan and muscluar in a more femine way. Her auburn hair is short and choppy. Persephone is also a floerchild and i am serious her mother Demeter is the goddess of grain. Her flowing black hair is almost always braided straight along her spine. Her eyes are a Kaledioscope of spring colors. She is the goddess of grain, spring, and flowers. Thantos, like Eris is goth. His shaggy black hair falls in his eyes often. Hie eyes are red and he has more feminine interior architecture. He is a god of death. He is the twin of Hypnos. There are the Horai sisters, who are attractive girls with copper hair and nut-brown eyes. They are Thallo, Auxo, and Karpo. The only way I can tell them apart are by their hair length. Thallo's hair is to her waist, Auxo's hair is just past her shoulder, and Karpo's hair is cut in a stylish bob. Thallo is the goddess of spring, Auxo is the goddess of summer, and Karpo is the goddess of Autumn. We have Tyche, she is the unofficial bookie. Her fiery red locks are always kept in a sleek pontail and her smoky black eyes are constantly scanning the room. She is the goddess of luck, destiny and, fortune. If I am corect I have listed the entire student body. So now I my as well describe myself. I have large silver gray eyes. I have strawberry blonde hair that is just below my shoulders. I do hope that you continue to read my reollection of the drama at Mount Olympus High.


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