weight gain day 1

i have always wanted 2 be fat but i never rly thought of actually gaining weight until 2day

true story

Chapter 1

4 lbs gain

by: fatlover
starting weight: 92lbs

this morning i didnt have any breakfast because i have heard that it helps gain weight. my mum told me not 2 have any lunch while she was gone cuz we were goin 2 kfc afterwards. i still decided 2 have lunch but not much. i had a ham sandwich and a slice of banana cake. then when we had kfc i had 2 peices of chicken some popcorn chicken a bag of chips and 2 glasses of coke. then we went to this sweet shop and i got a slush puppy by the time we got home it was nearlly tea time. i sat playing mario kart 4 about 30 mins then got shouted 4 tea. 4 tea i had a saucer of salad (not my choice :/) and a jacket potato cheese and beans. i sat watching tv 4 a coouple of hours but when ma mum and dad left i secretly took 2 packets of doritos 2 kitkats and a breakaway upstairs. i quickly scoffed them and wanted more but i couldnt risk it incase they were wondering where all the food had gone then i went on ma laptop 4 the rest of the night.

ending weight: 96lbs!


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