30 minutes in heaven with dean winchester

30 minutes in heaven with dean winchester

uh oh dean has a girl for 30 minutes.

Chapter 1

the game

by: amylol
you, Sam, Dean and Castial are sitting in room with the trickster.he has transported you their and he can do whatever he likes to you now. "well let's have some fun shall we" said the trickster moving towards you. Dean stood up and raced toward him and grabbed the trickster by the arm. "don't touch her she isn't a part of this." the trickster flung him back and he hit the wall. "Dean!" you shout about to run to him but you were forced back onto the bed. "Lets play 30 minutes in heaven shall we oh and i am included in it so you better be careful" the trickster winks at you. "and why should we" Sam asked as him and Cas helped Dean up. "Because if you don't i kill her" The trickster smiled. "We will do it." dean spoke quickly. "Ok now children put in something into the hat."
suddenly, a hat appeared in the tricksters hand. You didn't get to see who put what in the hat but you prayed that you wouldn't get put with the trickster. You put your hand in the hat and pulled out Dean's necklace. you breathed a sigh of relief but the trickster was not happy. you and dean stood facing each other he held out his hand and you took it. Suddenly, a door opened and inside was a room with a luxurious silk bed. You walk inside and Dean follows closing the door behind him. You turn to face Dean and he places his warm soft lips on yours and kisses you with such a passion that you feel weightless. You and Dean move towards the bed and you fall on the bed and Dean lands on top of you. You laugh and you kiss him again. You moan slightly as he leaves a trail of kisses down your neck toward your chest. He moves his hand slowly up the inside of you thigh until he almost reaches the center of your legs. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Dean shouted toward the door. "Ten more minutes!" but you heard another knock on the door. Your head fell back on the bed. Dean got off you and headed for the door. You got off the bed and straightened your hair and clothes. When Dean opened the door you saw Sam and Cas tied to the chairs with tape over their mouths. Suddenly, the trickster appeared behind you and wrapped one arm around your waist. Dean spun round. "Now i know who's heart i will be ripping out." Said the trickster as you and him dissapear.

wanna know what happen's to you and the others then watch out for part 2.

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