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I Wrote This Story NOT DinosaurHat .

Chapter 1

She Loves Him.

by: Lil_Nig
Once apon a time there was this 11 year old girl, was going to this school. And she spotted this boy. She was thinking, "Oh, hes a cutie.(:". And she really started liking him, he wasnt the cutest in school but, he was her everything. But, the thing was he was 15. Well, she started to fall in love with him. It was so easy for her to love him. Well, a few years passed.. Hes now 17, and she is now 13. And to this day she still loves him, but the thing is his girlfriend is rude to her. And she dont like his girlfriend. Because shes not nice, and noone really likes her. But, obviously he likes her... But the girl that loves this boy, she just cant stand to go to school with him, because it brakes her heart. She listens to the songs; You Belong With Me and That Should Be Me. But, she usually cries. Because noone understands. But this girls mother. She kinda understands. But this girl would do ANYTHING for this boy. ANYTHING. She LOVES him, but not a single person in this world understands. And this girl just wants to move away, cause she cant stand going to school with him. She tells her mother it brakes her heart, but the thing is. They cant move away cause, they dont have a car. Her mother walks to work, and home from work. And the girl has a brother. And her and him walk to and home from school together. Cause they cant afford it cause only the girls mother is the only one working.. And its not a big job. But they are still living a good life. But still to this day, that girl is in love with that boy.. Ever since 2009, and its now 2011. I dont think her love will ever stop for this boy. Its so easy for her to love him, she fell for him at the second she saw him, and every second it gets deeper, and deeper. The way she looks at him, makes me wanna cry. Because its so sad, because I dont think she can loves anyone more than she loves him. I think her love is always going to be him. She would do ANYTHING for him. She loves him more than the world. Anyways the point of this story is that, this girl is in love with a guy and its sad...

*Now to this day him and his girlfriend are broken up. But the girl STILL LOVES THIS BOY! & well...he went to her house and took picture, then texted her mom all night.. And he said that she was pretty. & her mom asked for him to call her and tell her that she was cause she dont think she is...But he said..." I will tell her at school.(:" But it is still breaking her heart cause the girl is not with him, and its breaking her heart...Slowly..She feels all of the pain.:(

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