Fun With Flowers (complete and utter weirdness)

I seriously can't think of a better title.
I was daydreaming earlier and something I daydreamt made me think of this scenario.
Mitch(elle) is a rebellious 15 year old girl. She is an orphan. One day, she decides to have some 'fun with flowers', which will happen in chapter 2...
If you have a sneeze fetish, you should probably (not) read this. It will have sneezing in it (which will probably put you off sneezes forever) but not much (if any) in the first chapter. They will be male sneezes

Chapter 1

Another Day, Another 500 Tellings-Off

Apart from directly below, my notes are underlined like this.
I don't know where most of the names came from. I picked Mitch(elle) because it's apparently a rebellious name, and you can shorten it so that it becomes a boy's name, Mitch is a tomboy. She makes everyone call her Mitch, apart from the teachers when she has a plan. If she doesn't, she won't respond until they call her Mitch.
Erica, Lucy and Barbra are 3 of my DD (daydream) characters, I don't know where 'Mr Morgan' or 'Mrs Evans' or 'Miss Green' came from. Anyway, enjoy! (or don't, once you've clicked on it it still says you've read it anyway! Haha! Joke LOL!)

"This history classroom is so boring! Hasn't Mitch normally done something to liven the place up a bit by now?" Lucy whispered to Barbra, who was, like Lucy, almost falling asleep in her chair. The 2 of them were some of Mitch's best friends.
No sooner had she said this than the door burst open. In stormed the headteacher, Mr Morgan, who had gone very red in the face.
"MITCHELLE!" he yelled.
"Well, never mind, she has now." Barbra replied.
"Yes, sir?" Mitch answered Mr Morgan, with hilarious false innocence. Even if the class hadn't been so boring, all of the students would have found Mitch's antics side-splittingly funny, knowing what a rebel she was.
"Would you like to come with me?" Mr Morgan muttered through gritted teeth.
"No, I wouldn't, thanks." the rebellious girl replied., still keeping up her act of innocence.
"I wasn't asking. Come with me."
"Oh yay! Are we gonna be skipping thorugh fields of flowers?" Mitch had the tiniest hint of sarcasm in her voice, apart from that, if you hadn't known her, or the language, you would have thought Mitch was being perfectly angelic.
Mr Morgan tensed up.
"No, Mitchelle, we a - ah... ah... are not." As his breath almost started to hitch, the headteacher realised, in horror, that the tickle in his nose could give him away at any minute. That is, if Mitchelle hasn't already. he thought despairingly.
"Oh." Mitch made herself look genuinely disappointed, causing more snickering throughout the classroom.
"Please come to my o-office."
Mitch made herself brighten. "Ooh! Will there be flowers we can skip through there?" she asked, knowing exactly how much she was winding the headteacher up.
"No, Mitchelle, there won't."
"Oh. Why, sir?" Mitch's use of the word 'sir' seemed so hilarious that a few of the pupils couldn't stop the giggles from escaping them.
"You know perfectly why, Mitchelle." Thankfully, the headteacher had managed to get his nose under control again, so now Mitchelle was the only thing that could give him away. Unfortunately, that wasn't very reassuring for the headteacher, who feared that his secret would be more likely to be given away by Mitchelle.
Suddenly, the tickle in the man's nose came back, even fiercer this time.
"A..ah..ah..actually, Mitchelle, you can stay here." Mr Morgan quickly left the classroom and tried to get to his office so that he could relieve his nose in peace.
Unfortunately, his nose didn't seem to care if he was in his office or not.
The headteacher felt his breath begin to hitch, "Heh... heh..." Quickly, he buried his face in his elbow and managed to successfully stifle the first sneeze, although with his second attempt, it was a different story, and by the third sneeze, he had given up even trying. "H'nxt! Hgtshoo! Heh... heh... hetshoo!"
Unluckily, he had taken the shortcut through the library. Mrs. Evans, the librarian, happened to be the one person in the school who Mr Morgan was scared of at the best of times.
"God bless you." she said, sternly, although it looked more like she meant, You'll need it, because if you disrupt my peaceful library again, God will be the next person you'll be seeing.
Mr Morgan, face as red as beetroot, quickly hurried on to get to his office as soon as he could.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom...

"Right, students, I need to do some photocopying, so wait here while I do it." Miss Green, their teacher for the current history lesson, informed them. She looked at Mitch expectantly for a few seconds, shrugged and hurried off. Everyone turned round to look at Mitch.
Normally, Mitch would never have missed a chance to tease the teacher about saying "While I do it.", but she had, so that could only mean she needed the teacher out of the room so that she could talk to them. And that could only mean...
"I have a plan," Mitch began, (sorry for the rhyme!) "remember the first thing Mr Morgan told us in assembly this morning?"
"That chocolate is banned." replied Erica (the class nerd sorry if I offended anyone with this, I'm a nerd myself BTW)
"No, the first thing."
"That was the first thing."
"Whatever. Anyway, he told us that he's teaching our history class tomorrow!"
"So, look what I found in his desk!" Mitch reached into her pocket and pulled out 2 packets of Antihistamine tablets. The whole class, who, by now, had gathered round Mitch, gasped.
"So, if we take these away, and hide flowers in the classroom," Mitch continued, "we won't be bored to death by history, and we'll get to embarrass Mr Morgan!"
The whole class yet out a cheer ("Whoo!", "Yay!", "Hooray for Mitch!" or "You go, girl!") except for Erica.
"Hang on, how do you know he doesn't have SERIOUS allergies?" she asked.
"Well, for one thing, before you try to be a killjoy, remember that I am a snoop, and I always have an answer to everything. Firstly, I know because I saw his wife making him walk through the park with her, and, for once, that's in full bloom, and he was fine then, and secondly, he hasn't had these tablets-" Mitch paused to shake the box, then continued, "all morning, and the window was open in here, and the flowers in the school garden are also in full bloom, and he was perfectly fine."
"I still don't think we should do this."
"Look, Erica, remember that time when we switched places*? I saw how boring it was to be you, and you saw how fun it was to be me, so you can get the fun, without even getting into trouble!"
Erica sighed, "Alright then. But when you get caught, I had no idea that you were doing anything, got it?"
"Yup." Mitch replied to Erica, then continued, "So, are we gonna do this tomorrow?"
"Hell yeah!" called out someone, and everybody laughed.
"So it's settled. Tomorrow, we're gonna give Mr Morgan hell!"

*This event actually happened in one of my DDs, it was funny. Well, it was to me, anyway.


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