This is my fat life story.

Chapter 1

The begging: 179

This is how it began. I was a normal 18 year old girl, i just moved out from my rich parents house. I was on my own in a house of my own with as much as i wanted. At this time i was 179 pounds and wearing size s button up shirts and jeans. But then, one night, i let my self go wild. I order Xl big macs after pizza after ice cream after big whoppers. In a mere 4 hours i had spent $82.76 and had eaten a staggering, 6 xl big macs, 4 tubs of ice-cream, 7 xl pizzas and 12 big whoopers from burger king. I looked at the scales and i had gained 2 pounds after one meal,( i no thats not alot at the beggining but keep on reading), after that i drifted to sleep. I had liked that taste of food so i thought i would do it just once more. After a couple of weeks i was still doing this but it had grown every single time. I looked down i could see only my toes after at the begginging i could see al my foot. When i hoped on my scales,( there limited at 300), i had to bend over to see the reading. 234 pound. It was only the next day i looked at my clothes. They shirt had massive holes between the each of the buttons were it was stertched and because of my massive belly it had also bushed it up so i could my belly button underneath the bottom of my shirt. I had no idea how my jeans were still holding, My fat was covering the button for my jeans which had probally came off because i felt a slight push against my belly hanging over them which must have been the button and there was holes in the stitching of my size s jeans because there was so much fat on my legs. Only the next day did all the buttons on my shirt popped and my jeans stitching was destroyed.


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