Time Bomb- Shane Dawson love story

Time Bomb- Shane Dawson love story

Following in my tradition of fan fics, this one will be based on another youtuber, and, as always, an incredibly good looking one. :)
Name: Katherine Rose Jones (or Chess for short)
Age: 22 (born 13th of August 1988)
Profession: Actress/Youtuber/Songwriter
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Green
Other traits: Short (teased by shane), really pretty, hilarious, witty, smart ass.
Best friends: Shane, Brittani, Liberty, Rueben, Tara

Chapter 3

Star-struck stars are funny :)

I hated shoots, and so did Clementine.

That was okay, though, because we did them together. Clementine Michella and I were in a lot of movies together- we had a lot of chemistry as actresses together. I as the firey red-head who kicked ass. She as the shy brunette who always kicked equal ass in the end.

Today we were simply doing a photo shoot for an action movie that was due out December. Which meant skimpy leather. Hurrah.

"I was wrong, Chess," She grunted, hopping around and trying to unzip a boot. "THIS is my FML of the week." I laughed, agreeing.
"I just can't believe the movie is only rated M. We may as well be naked the whole movie, you know." Clementine giggled. "Hey, at least we're not naked. Keeping the pledge?" I grinned, nodding. When we had first been in a movie together, we vowed that we would never sell ourselves short and do a nude scene in a movie for the publicity.

I was already done changing, and back in my borrowed blouse (which I made sure to 'accidentally' spill mascara on in makeup) and jeans.
"Are you doing the audition for Burlesque 2?" Clementine nodded, eager. "I sure am. Lets carpool. To the actress-mobile!" I laughed, and we ran off to the car.

"Once more, sweetie?" The man- a greying, british, man- said to me. I cleared my throat, and said the line once again, and then the one after it.
"Well, if it makes a difference, at least I'm not dressed like a contemporary whore. And that, sweetie, is one of the first lessons you'll ever learn in life. Ben? Lets go." And I proceeded to flip my hair in a very Maude-like manor.
The man nodded, as did Peter, his son-in-law, who sat beside him. These auditions were being held in a small room with just these two. (strange.)
"How do you feel about playing someone like Gwenyth?" My smile dropped. "Gwenyth? The Burlesque girl?" They nodded.
I was auditioning for the part of Maude Peterson, the shy, witty girl who turns out to be the mastermind behind the whole string of missing girls from the burlesque show...I know. The movie was taking a giant leap from the last one.
And now I was being asked to play the lesbian and slutty burlesque girl? "Why Gwenyth?"
The first man- the one whose name I'd forgotten- laughed. "Because, A) you're a firey redhead, and B) We want the Michella girl to play Tiffany." Oh, great. "But don't those two characters...um..." "You'll do it like any good actress given the oppurtunity," Peter remarked.
I bit my lip. "I'll...uh...think about it."
"Sure," Peter said. "We'll be waiting for your call. Next in for the part of Maude, please?"

I walked out.
I was used to rejection, but not this kind of rejection. Okay, so I wasn't good enough for a shy mastermind, but I was perfect for a lesbian burlesque dancer? Ugh.

"Clementine." My voice was almost a moan. "I think I have to-" "Katherine!" I turned back around, where Peter was standing against a wall. "I'll cut you a deal. You think about doing it, and I might just cut the nude scene. Deal?" I bit my lip, smiling. "I'll think about it." I called back again, and winked.
"Did you get the part?" I asked, and Clementine scowled. "No. They offered me Tiffany." I nodded. "Yeah, I got offered Gwenyth."
Clementine gave a small smile. "Oh! That's what that was about. Well, I guess, if we didn't have to do the nude scene...uh, Chess? You've got a...um-"
She didn't finish. A pair of hands connected with my face, covering my eyes. "Guess whooooo?" Said a very ghetto voice. I laughed, and spun around to whack his arm lightly. "Since when is Shanaynay ever early?"
"Since she and S-Deezy broke up, ah-gain. Come on." He took the jacket I had been holding over my shoulder. "One second." I told him, and he went back outside to where I guessed his car was.
Clementine looked shocked. I had almost forgotten that she had never properly met Shane before now. And that she was a huge fan.
"Oh, my gosh," She said, her mouth falling open. "That was Shane Dawson." I nodded, and she grabbed both sides of my face. "Shane-motherfkcuing-Dawson!" She said, and I rolled my eyes. "Did you not believe me when I said he was my best friend?" "No- I mean, yes...but...it's just so different, seeing him in person. I didn't think he did his characters for a joke." "Oh, well, he gets annoying like that." I admitted. "I'll see you Monday." I called over my shoulder, walking to the car where Shane was waiting.
"Have you changed the radio?" I asked him, frowning. He grinned, and I changed it back to a good station. "You don't even like Justin Bieber." I muttered, and his grin widened. "No, but I know you love her. I mean him...wait, what?" I laughed, and he started to car with a gorgeous lopsided smile.
"What movie are we seeing?" I asked, sticking my head out the window.
Shane gave a wild grin.
"Who knows?" He laughed, and I soon joined in his laughter, the wind whipping through the car and my hair and filling our lungs as we had a friendly, innocent moment to the beat of 'Camisado'.

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