Time Bomb- Shane Dawson love story

Time Bomb- Shane Dawson love story

Following in my tradition of fan fics, this one will be based on another youtuber, and, as always, an incredibly good looking one. :)
Name: Katherine Rose Jones (or Chess for short)
Age: 22 (born 13th of August 1988)
Profession: Actress/Youtuber/Songwriter
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Green
Other traits: Short (teased by shane), really pretty, hilarious, witty, smart ass.
Best friends: Shane, Brittani, Liberty, Rueben, Tara

Chapter 2

Dear Shane Please Shane Shut Up Shane...

God, I loved sleeping.

Normally, if I wasn't sleeping, I was thinking about sleeping, or complaining that I didn't sleep enough. But right now I was sleeping.

Warm in my bed- had my bed gotten more comfortable over the past night?- and safe. No more 'just five more minutes' for me, oh no.
I had this warm, perfect bed.
And....I was in someones arms.

My eyes shot open.

I suddenly remembered where I was. Okay...yep. This wasn't my bed at all.

And...Shane's arm was on me. If we were awake, I would slap it off and chastise him in a ghetto voice. But...he obviously wasn't awake. And, at some point in the night, his arm had instinctively closed around me and brought me closer to his body in a half embrace. Was it just a reaction? Did he unconciously yearn for...something? Me?
Another thought occured to me.
I was in his bed.
Why hadn't he moved me?
I wasn't heavy or anything (though he accused me all the time) and its not like I could have fought back while I was unconcious. Was it normal to sleep in the same bed as your best friend? Didn't he have a girlfriend?!


I despised her name. Bitch.

Slowly, so not to wake him, I rolled myself over.
I had to stop myself from laughing in amusement and awe.
He was cuter than me while sleeping, especially with messy hair.

It was adorable.

I loved his hair. I sometimes came off like a stalker whenever I heard someone say one thing about it, but it was just how I felt. No one bagged my Shane.

I liked the way that sounded. My Shane. Ugh, if only.

His eyelids fluttered open then, and I found myself looking in to his blue eyes. I would drown in them if I could, I decided. I expected him to push me away and call me a creeper or something 'Shane-y' like that, but he didn't. Instead he just stared back, his intense eyes flickering over my face, his arm still around me. Then he grinned. "Sleeping beauty awakens." He declared, sitting up and stretching. I pulled myself up too, trying to calm my racing heart.

"Don't you have work?" He asked. I shot up from the bed. "Shit!"
Shane laughed as I ran out of the room. "You probably don't want to go in that shirt." He called. I stopped and looked down. Oh. I was still wearing his black v-neck with the words on it: Get on The Shane Train. I laughed, not even having seen the shirt properly last night.
"Are you promoting your own merchandise again?" I called back, making my way back to his room. He grinned. "Of course, Chess! How else does a fame-whore like me earn money?" I laughed. "Alright. What do I wear, then?" "That depends what you're doing." I sighed, sitting on the bed. "You know what I do."
Shane rolled his eyes. "I meant today, Sherlock."
"I'm doing a shoot for the new movie, and then I'm going to an audition for one."
Shane got up and sifted through his wardrobe.
He came up with a white blouse (a female one) and gestured to my jeans. "Just wear that with the boots you came in."
I gave him a scrutinising look. "Since when do you wear womens clothing?"
He almost blushed. "It's Lila's."
Oh. "Oh."
It was awkwardly silent for a moment, and I finally said, "I didn't know you two were living together."
"We're not." Shane said. "She left it here."
Silence. I grinned at him. "So have you two..." I winked, and Shane rolled his eyes. "Not that it's any of your business Chess, but you well know I'm saving myself for marriage like the good little catholic girl I am." I laughed. "Oh, you're religious now?"
"Go get dressed." Shane told me, rolling his eyes again. He nudged me towards the bathroom door.
"Just wondering if you'd seen the woman shirtless." I called, grinning. "Seems like something a perv like yourself would do. No offense."
"None taken," He called back. I only barely heard him say, before I closed the door. "And for the record, you're still the only girl I've seen shirtless that wasn't in a movie."

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