Time Bomb- Shane Dawson love story

Time Bomb- Shane Dawson love story

Following in my tradition of fan fics, this one will be based on another youtuber, and, as always, an incredibly good looking one. :)
Name: Katherine Rose Jones (or Chess for short)
Age: 22 (born 13th of August 1988)
Profession: Actress/Youtuber/Songwriter
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Green
Other traits: Short (teased by shane), really pretty, hilarious, witty, smart ass.
Best friends: Shane, Brittani, Liberty, Rueben, Tara

Chapter 1

Welcome to FML- Population: Me.

I was in a fantastic mood.

Standing out in the freezing cold? Check. Missing my jacket? Check. Middle of nowhere? Check.

If the sarcasm wasn't obvious enough, I was pretty P.O'd.

Meet me here, she said, I won't be late, she said. Yeah, right. Thanks a bunch, Tara.

I rubbed furiously at my bare, ice-cold arms. Damn, I felt like Edward What's-his-face. I was fairly certain I was sparkling under my shirt, too. I may as not have been wearing a shirt anymore, actually. It was a plain white tee with a shane dawson logo on it (something I was wearing to the shooting to promote him), with a black bra underneath. Yeah, I know. Idiot.
The shirt was completely soaked and now skin coloured, and clung to my sides and the top of my jeans as if it were embedded in to my skin.
Normally, I loved rain.
I was pretty sure this crossed the limit, though.
My hair- naturally curly and bouncy- was now clinging to my cheeks and all the way down my back (it was long), and completely soaked, as if I was still standing in a shower. My teeth were chattering, and I tried to warm up my hands by shoving them under my arms. It didn't help. I got out my phone, wiping away rain furiously where it hit the screen. Oh, no, I would not break another Iphone.

Okay. I had one bar left. Great. I let out a hysterically cynical laugh.

Okay, so lets think, Chess.

You obvioiusly can't call Tara. Knowing her, she'll be in a warm limo somewhere with a male model actor, and will have completely forgotten about you. Damn. I couldn't call my mom- she didn't drive well, and would think I was drunk, anyway. Brittani. No...I didn't want to risk it. She never answered her phone. I couldn't call Rueben, or Liberty. God knows what they were doing right now. I sighed. There was only one person left to call, someone I really didn't want to bother. He gave me too much grief already. I sniffed. And he was probably filming. Or....I scowled. With Lila.

I suddenly smiled wickedly. Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing to interrupt them...I sighed, giving up, and picked up my phone, dialling. "Hello?" He answered, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "Well," I said, in my usually snide, sarcastic voice. "If it isn't Shane Dawson himself."
Shane tsked. "Gurrl, whatchu talkin' bout, this be Shanaynay." I laughed. "Well, is Shanaynay busy? Or can she come pick me up?"
It was quiet for a second. "Hmm...I dunno...that would mean you owing me another favor...can you afford it?" I rolled my eyes. "I can if it means getting out of this rain. Tara stood me up." "How late is she?" I checked my watch. "Uhmmm....two and a half hours." Shane sighed theatrically. "Fine. Where are you?"

"You look freezing." He laughed, popping open the boot. I nodded, teeth still chattering, and he took out a blanket from the boot, throwing it in the car so that it wouldn't get wet. He also pulled out a plastic bag, and told me to get in. I did as he said.
He opened up the bag, and inside was a spare shirt and a pair of shoes. I raised an eyebrow, and he shrugged. He held up the shirt, and frowned. "Actually, I think the shirt I'm wearing will fit you better." "What?"
He lifted his shirt over his head, and I forced myself to tear my eyes away and look down. It wasn't that I was entirely opposed to seeing Shane-frickin'-Dawson shirtless- which I most certainly was not opposed to- it was just that he was my best friend. I didn't want him to start calling me a perv along with all the other stuff. And I also didn't want to start hyperventilating or some siht.
He was not only my friend, he was my incredibly hot, drop-dead-gorgeous-make-angels-fall-out-of-the-sky, hilarious-and-perfect-in-every-way friend.

I actually had permission to use the phrase 'It's complicated' when talking about Shane. Minus the duck lipped Facebook picture, may I add.

He tossed me his shirt- and his hoodie which had previously been across the back of my chair- and put on the one he had gotten out. I took off my white shirt and threw it at him. I honestly didn't care if Shane saw me in a bra. He'd seen me half naked plenty of times. We had been through a lot of awkward situations as best friends. Crap I didn't even want to get in to.

He started the car again, and blared the heater. I settled back against his car seat, inconspiciously breathing in the scent of his clothes. They smelled like him- clean, crisp, warm, homey....and faintly like a mouth watering cologne and shampoo. Mmm.

"You must be really tired," He laughed. "You haven't messed with my radio yet."
Just for his benefit, I started to play around with it, until I found a good station that I knew played lots of Maddy Hay, Panic! At The Disco, and Angus + Julia Stone.
I settled back in the seat, smiling. "Better?" I asked. He grinned. "Much. I never am quite content without you messing with my car, Chess." I elbowed him.
"I'm going back to my place, if thats alright. I can't be bothered making two stops. Plus I'd have to walk you to your door, in case you wandered away and got ass r@ped or something." I rolled my eyes, but actually agreed with him. "Whatever," I yawned. "But I'm taking this blanket with me." It was so warm. And it, too, smelled like him.

"As long as you don't mind that I've got work in the morning, too."
He nodded. "I fugured. We should see a movie later tomorrow night."
I shrugged. "Sure."
The car slowed to a stop, and he came around to my side to help me out.
We walked up to his door, and he unlocked it faster than it would have taken me to find the right key.
I stumbled through his door before he could stop me, but he was luckily at my side fast enough to hold me up and stop me from falling. He took me to his bedroom, and told me to wait here for a minute, and that he'd get me some things so that I could dry my hair. He left the room, and I lay down across his bed, smiling to myself briefly. I'd never been this comfortable...
I had just started to drift to sleep when I heard his footsteps come back in to the room. "Hey, Chess, I- Oh- dude! C'mon, Chess, get up." I didn't respond. I pretended to be asleep- I was, almost- and curled my feet up closer to my body so that I was in a half-ball on my side.

Shane sighed, and came and sat on the bed next to me. Suddenly I was in his arms, and he was lifting me over. I almost yelled at him to put me down, but sleepiness got the best of me. I was almost completely under now.
Instead of taking me to the couch or something, he simply moved me over so that I wasn't in the centre of the bed anymore, and lay down next to me on top of the covers, his hands folded on his stomach. My eyes only stayed open for a half a second, and he didn't even see.

Ah, here it came. Sweet, sweet unconciousness.

Shane chuckled gently. It was distant. "You're adorable when you're sleeping."

I'm not sleeping, I felt like saying, but couldn't.

Shanes thumb touched my cheek, stroking it gently. He sighed, content. "Chess, you're so gorgeous,"
He said that to me all the time. Teasing sometimes, serious others. Normally, I answered back in a shanaynay voice 'Bitch you know it!' but this time I was pretty much unconcious.
"Umm...Chess? Or...er...unconcious Chess? Can I tell you something?"

I couldn't answer.
I was drifting now, forgetting where I was, forgetting who I was. It was pleasant.

"Tell you...something....Chess..........................................I-"

I fell asleep.

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