Best Friends Forever... Right? ~A Zuko Love Story~

Because there just arent enough of these. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and this time... No Chara info for you! Fufufufufufu i is an evil author.... Yeah, not really, well, why are you still reading this nonsense?! Onto the story!

Chapter 3

Agni Kai

"Lani, Lani wake up." I yawned, rolling over, but hitting a body. I opened my eyes and saw Zuko.

"Oh... Hey, zuko. What are you doing here?"

"We fell asleep drinking tea on your bed. It's morning, we just docked. Get up, we have to get off so repairs can be done." I yawned and got up, stretching.

"Okay." So I got ready and we headed out.

"Uncle," Zuko said. "I want repairs made as quickly as possible. I don't want to stay too long and risk losing his trail."

"The avatar-"

"Don't mention his name on these docks," Zuko whispered. "Once words gets out that he's still alive every fire bender will be out looking for him, and I don't want anyone getting in the way-" I see he was back to his normal grouchy self. Nothing about last night had changed him.

"Getting in the way of what, Prince Zuko?" That was my cue to leave. Captain Zhao and I weren't exactly on friendly terms, and a fight was imminent to happen if Zhao, Zuko and I were in the same place at one time.

"Oh, it seems I'm needed... Else where. See you, Zuko, Iroh," I glared at the Captain. "Zhao," Then I ran off to look around.Then Zuko came to get me before I could get much farther. "Zuko, what is it?"

"We have been invited for a drink with Captain Zhao. We meaning all of us." He dragged me there and he sat down. I sat in the seat beside him.

"Excuse me," Zhao said. "But that's my seat."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I said, maybe with just the slightest huge amount of sarcasm. I got up and bowed, gesturing to the chair. "Here, your Captainness."

He growled and turned away, starting to go on about the Fire Nation. I ignored him and lied on the floor. Then I heard Zuko. "If my father thinks that the rest of the world will follow him willingly, then he is a fool." I propped myself up on my elbows.

"Your father is blinded by too much power to see that they won't. Besides, knowing him, he'll probably get his army to do it. Killing hundreds of people to do something that's just pointless." Zuko nodded to me, in an almost thankful way.

"Two years at sea has done you two nothing to temper your tongues." Then he asked about the Avatar. They argued for a little bit about whether Aang was alive or not. I sat up and was about to drink some tea when Zuko said it was time to go. I got up, but stopped short when the guards had stopped him. Some guard came and told him about an interrogation.

"So," Zhao walked up behind Zuko. "Tell me again how your ship was wrecked?"

It was my turn to growl. "You jerk!" I ran and was about to kick him in the head, but he was fast. He turned, dodged and threw my hands behind my back.

"Sit tight, girly. Leave the fighting to the big boys," He whispered in my ear. "Here," He threw me at a random guard. "Why don't you take Zuko's girlfriend to go shopping or something?"

"Yes, sir." He took me out and I grumbled under my breath.

"I'm not some helpless girl!" I said under my breath. "I know how to fight. I've trained with Zuko for two years," I waited until we were out the door and twisted my body downward, sticking my leg out and tripping the guard. I slipped back through the door and saw Zuko and Zhao standing.

"An Agni Kai! At sunset."

"No!" I whispered. "Zuko..."

"Very well," I could tell Zhao was enjoying this. "It's a shame your father couldn't be here to see me humiliate you. I guess your uncle will do." He started walking out, purposely ignoring me as he closed the door.

"Prince Zuko, have you forgot what happened last time you dueled a master?"

"I will never forget." I rushed over and hugged Zuko.

"Zuko! Are you okay?" I looked him over.

"Lani! What are you-"

"I asked you a question."

He sighed. "Yes I'm fine."

"Good," I slapped him. "What are you thinking? You must be crazy, trying to fight Zhao!"

"It's too late now!" He held his cheek. "That hurt."

"Oh, stop whining. You can be so reckless sometimes! What if you die? What point are you trying to make with this? That you're stronger?" I groaned. "A strong man wouldn't give in to such barbaric standards," I started walking out. "Guess you aren't either strong or a man..." So it was almost sunset. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch or not. I mean, he may need my support, but did he really deserve it? In the end I decided I would come. Or really, Zuko decided for me when he dragged me there himself.

I walked beside Iroh. "Iroh, if we can't stop him, at least give him some advice?" He nodded and I went to the side while he stayed with Zuko. I stayed far enough back so I wouldn't get hurt. Zuko threw fire after fire, but Zhao dodged easily. Then it was Zhao's turn. His fire was strong. He knocked Zuko down, and ran over, spewing more fire out of his hands. I looked at Zuko. Come on, Zuko. You know what to do! I believe in you! Then before Zhao could do anything Zuko knocked him off of his feet with the same move I used on the guard. He had Zhao on the ground now.

"Do it!" Zhao yelled. No, Zuko! You're above that! Zuko threw fire, but it hit the ground beside Zhao's head. "That's it? Your father raised a coward!"

"Next time you get in my way, I promise I won't hold back." He started walking away. No, Zuko! Don't turn your back on the snake! Zhao got up and tried kicking fire at Zuko. Iroh was there before I was and stopped the flames, pushing Zhao away. Zuko tried to attack Zhao again, but I stopped him.

"No, Zuko."

"Prince Zuko," Iroh said. "Do not taint your victory," He turned to Zhao. "So this is how the great Zhao acts in defeat?"

"Even in exile Zuko is more honourable than you." I spat on the ground.

"Thanks again for the tea," Iroh and I said together. We started walking away. "It was delicious." I held Zuko's arm as we left, hoping he wouldn't try for another Agni Kai. I stuck my tongue out at Zhao as we got out the door.

"Did you really mean that?" Zuko looked at us.

"Of course!" I said, smiling.

"Yes, I told you Jin Seng tea was my favorite," I laughed as we headed back to the boat.

"Zuko," I said as we sat in his room. "Are yo sure you aren't hurt?"

"Are you going to slap me again?"

"Yes," Then I did. "Don't you even get me worried again! You could have died," I hugged him. "No more Agni Kai's, okay?" He laughed. "It's not funny!"

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