Best Friends Forever... Right? ~A Zuko Love Story~

Because there just arent enough of these. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and this time... No Chara info for you! Fufufufufufu i is an evil author.... Yeah, not really, well, why are you still reading this nonsense?! Onto the story!

Chapter 2


I had finished getting ready and was walking through the halls when i spotted Zukos armour just sitting there in some random room. I grinned, getting an idea.


I was lazing about on the pointy thing on the front of the boat when i saw the village come into sight. "Thats it?" I sighed. "Quite small if you ask me." As we got closer i realized we werent stopping. "Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! Stop! We're gonna crash into it!" The shock of impact shook me off the side. I grabbed the edge of the boat before i fell. "Hey! Girl falling here!" I glanced over and saw some guy with make-up. "Uh, if you dont stop you're going to kill two people! I mean, if you kill him thats fine, but help me!!!"

Then i lost my grip. Thankfully i landed in some snow. The ship stopped, but the front didnt go down yet. Zuko wasnt ready. He didnt find his armour yet. That meant i had time to explore. I got up and shook the snow off, shivering. Then something sharp poked my back. "Ow! What the hell?!" I turned and saw the boy with make-up, poking my suspiciously. "What?" He just kept poking me. I glared at him and pulled his spear away, breaking it.


"Its rude to poke a person who just fell off a huge boat! I didnt even do anything... yet."

"Ha! You said yet! Meaning you'll do something soon!"

"No. I came to explore. I've never been to the South Pole before."

"I dont believe you!"

I ignored him and walked over to the people. "Hi, im Lani. Me and my best friend are traveling the world. He has some boring old reason, but im just along for kicks."

A girl stepped up. "Y-you're from the Fire Nation."

I nodded. "Technically, but we left. He wants to go back, im happy gone."


"The war isnt my style." I shrugged.

"Oh?" She held out her hand. "Im Kat-"

The boy who poked my whacked her hand away and glared at me. "Katara, dont! Shes Fire Nation. She cant be trusted." I blinked at him, then looked around him.

"You're Katara?"

"Oh! Well, yeah."

I shook her hand. "Nice to meet you." I looked at warrior boy. "And who're you? Or do i just call you rude?" He just glared at me. "Or how about Ponytail Boy, like my best friend? Or make-up boy? Or warrior boy? Or how about Ice bo-"

"My names Sokka! Not any of that. And im not a boy, im a man!"

I scoffed. "Yeah, you sure look like it." I started walking and introducing myself. "Then again," I muttered as i went back over to them. "All the men in my nation are scary." Then the bridge thing started lowering. "Including that one." I ran over to the side as Sokka ran up and tried attacking him. He failed and was flung to the other side. He attacked again, no luck. Threw a boomerang, no luck. Spear, no luck.

"Hey, Prince Zuko." I said, saying prince intentionally to say that he was important and that Sokka should stop trying to get himself toasted. Then, just to piss Zuko off i said. "Have fun finding your armour?"

"Lani! Get back on the boat!" He pointed to the boat and i crossed my arms an pouted.

"You're no fun anymore! Im staying here!"

"Gaurds!" I groaned.

"Fine." I put my hands up, not letting the gaurds touch me. "I will go, of my own accord." I stomped up the ramp and walked to my room where i waited out the adventure, once again.

"Miss Gin, would you like something to eat?" I looked up at the gaurd. It was Kuma. I grinned at her.

"No thanks, Kuma, and i told you, call me Lani."

"Of course."

"So, hows it going with Xin?"

"Wonderfully," she said, mildly blushing. I giggled.

"Well," I got up. "I think i'll go for a stroll around the boat." She nodded and walked into my room, tidying up my mess of a room. "Thank you, Kuma." She nodded and kept working.

I walked, and walked, and walked until i almost got lost. Then i felt a huge gust of wind and turned, surprised. Then i saw a little boy in yellow and orange clothing whizz by and i fell backwards. "What the heck, rude, much?!" Then another gust of wind and he was in front of me.

"Sorry, are you a prisoner, too?" I shook my head and started fixing my hair. "Well... Do you want to come with me?" I shook my head again. He shrugged. "Okay, then..." Then he ran off again. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever." I got up again and heard yelling up on deck. "Zuko?" I ran up, just in time to see the bald kid get propelled into the water. "Zuko, who is that kid?"

"The Avatar." I blinked, but then he resurfaced, in a giant column of water.

"Aah!" I shrieked. He fell onto the deck and started bending the water in a circle. "... Zuko!?" I said, walking backwards.

"Get down, Lani!" I fell to the ground just as the water pushed Zuko and the others off the side of the boat.

"Zuko!" I yelled, rushing over to the side of the deck. The Avatars friends, Sokka and Katara, landed on the deck and picked him up.

"Aang," Katara said. "Are you okay?"

"Hey, Katara," He groaned. "Hey Sokka. Thanks for coming."

Sokka grinned. "Well i couldn't let you have all the glory."

"I dropped my staff." Aang, said, looking at where it dropped. I watched Sokka come up beside me and get it.

"Hi," I said. "Your friend hurt my friend. That wasn't very nice of him."

"Your friend tried to kidnap him!"

I blinked. "Fair enough." He grabbed the staff, and was about to pick it up, when Zuko grabbed it from below. Sokka knocked Zuko off the staff and i stood up.

"Ha!" Sokka yelled. "Thats from the Water Tribe." I slapped the back of his head. "What?!"

"You hurt my friend. That wasnt nice either."

"Whatever." He ran back and the girl, Katara, tried to waterbend. She ended up freezing Sokkas feet. "Katara!" She turned and did it the other way, and she froze our men. "I am a guy with a boomerang," Sokka muttered. "I didn't ask for all this flying and magic!"

Iroh came out and we helped Zuko back on board. Instead of thanking us, though, he yelled orders to shoot the flying bison down. Wait... Flying bison? Iroh and Zuko tried to shoot them with fire, but the Avatar, Aang, deflected it right into the snowy cliffside. Good news, it wasnt going to sink the ship. Bad news, it was falling right above me. "Lani!" I was pushed out of the way, landing facefirst on the ground. I turned over, rubbing my head.

"Geez, Zuko. Coulda just said, 'Heads up! Theres an avalanche coming your way!'. No need to hurt my head in the process."

"Well, i'm sorry for saving you!"

"Stop yelling in my ear!" I tried pushing him up, but he wouldnt budge. I closed my eyes and relaxed. "Get off," I said calmly. He didnt move. I opened my eyes and he was staring at me, angrily, but there was something under that. "Get off!" I pushed him the hardest i could and pinned him on the ground. "There."

"Get off of me!"

"No, you're being mean."

"I dont care!" He moving, but i had the upper hand now. I pinned his hands to the ground hard enough to cut off the circulation in his hands.

"Dont you think i know that! You never care anymore. Not about me, not about Iroh, not about anything! Im getting sick of it, Zuko!"

"But if i get the Avatar, we can go home and i can care all i want!"

"What if i dont want to go home?!"

"Good news for the Fire Lord," Iroh intruded. Good thing too, i was almost crying. "The Fire Nations greatest threat, is only a little kid."

"That kid," Zuko threw me off of him. "Uncle, just did this. I'm not going to underestimate him again," He turned to the frozen soldiers. "Dig the ship out and follow him!" I slapped my forhead at the gaurds. Zuko turned away. "... As soon as you're done with that." Then he realized i was still on the ground, glaring at him. "Look, im sorry... Its just that this means so much to me, because if i do this i can get back my hon-"

"Your honour and family. And the throne, right?" I stood up. "I know thats part of the reason you want to go back." I started walking across the deck. "You may be more like your mother, but there is still some of your power hungry father in you." I glanced back. "He'd be so proud that you would rather find ultimate power than have some quality time with your friend." I looked at the frozen gaurds in front of me.

"Kuma!" I yelled. She came out.


"Give me your hand," She held out her hand and i held it tight, then tickled her side. Fire in full force burst out of her hand at the gaurds. The ice completely melted and i let her go. Then i stormed to my room, her trailing by my side. "Thank you, Kuma. Go ask Xin to make me some tea," I sighed, going into my room. "I really need to calm down."

"Of course," She nodded. "Right away." She left and ten minutes later she knocked on the door.

"Come in," I said, facing the wall, playing with a ball of rubber. I heard the plate settle on the bed and turned, smiling. That smile came right off my face when i saw who it was. "Oh," I crossed my legs. "Zuko."

"Before you say anything," He said, his hands up. "I'm sorry."

I widened my eyes and opened my mouth, seemingly surprised. "The high and mighty Zuko is sorry?" I said. "Are badgermoles flying?" I got up and started walking over to the door. "I gotta see this." He grabbed my shoulder.

"Lani," He laughed. "I'm trying to be serious." I tilted my head.

"Well you arent trying very hard," I grinned. "That wasn't even my best matterial."

He shook his head, amused. "Look, i-" I put my finger on his mouth so he would shut up.

"Hey, you listen to me now, mister. Being best friends means you never have to say sorry. Unless you do something unforgivable... Like leaving me for your sister, but that would never happen, right?" He nodded. "Great," I smiled and hugged him. "Lets have some tea."


Looooong Chapter, yay! Hope you enjoyed it. Put in the comments on what you think should happen between Lani and Zuko. Just putting 'They kiss' or 'they 'accidentaly' kiss' wont cut it. Put details in there, man, DETAILS!

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