Best Friends Forever... Right? ~A Zuko Love Story~

Because there just arent enough of these. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and this time... No Chara info for you! Fufufufufufu i is an evil author.... Yeah, not really, well, why are you still reading this nonsense?! Onto the story!

Chapter 1

Stuff In The Sky

I lied on the deck, watching Iroh play his game, utterly bored. "Would you like to play, Lani?" I shook my head, maknig my unkempt hair swirl around me. I hadnt actually fixed my hair in its usual way for years, because there was no one to impress on this boat. Usually my dark curly hair was kept back in a loose bun with the rest falling down around my shoulders. [Think
Nacoma from Pocahontas, except longer.]

"No, i'm no good at these games. I always lose, and i dont like losing."

"Very well-" A light glowed from behind me and i got up, turning to see what it was.



He turned to us. "Uncle, Lani, do you realize what this means?"

"I wont get to finish my game?"

"That we'll have to skip dinner to see what that is?"

"No! Why is everything about food with you, Lani?"

I shrugged and he groaned in frustration. "It means my search is about to come to an end." Iroh and i sighed in unision. "That light came from an incredibly powerful source! It has to be him."

Iroh looked up from his game. "Oh, its just a celestial light." I nodded in agreement. "We've been down this road before, Prince Zuko. I dont want you to get too excited over nothing."

"Just sit down, Zuko." I said. "Why dont you enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea?"

"I dont need any calming tea!" He snapped at us. "I need to capture the Avatar!"

I got up. "Well, fine." I started heading towards the door. "If you need me to say i told you so again, i'll be in my room. I dont want any part of this mission."

"Wait! Lani!"

"Dont, Zuko. Just go chase after your Avatar." I glanced at him. "Its clear you're obsessed with him."

His expression softened for maybe a millisecond before it went back to its usual scowl. "Very well." He looked up. "Helmsmen. Head a course for the light." I closed the door behind me as i walked to my room.

"Why is Zuko always so grouchy? He never used to be like that." I sat on my bed and stared a a painting of Azula, Ty-Lee, Mai, Zuko and i when we were little. "Then again, a lot of things have changed since we were the little kids chasing turtleducks." I closed my eyes and fell asleep, dreaming of the days when there wasnt a care in the world. I woke up and stretched, it couldnt have been a long nap. I got up and brushed my hair best i could and headed outside, I passed Iroh on my way.

"Hes as stubborn as a donkey-bull. Maybe you can try to get him to get some rest. Or at least move." I nodded and headed outside.
I watched him for a moment, leaning on the doorway.

"You cant stay out here forever, Zuko."

"I can try." I could tell he was surprised, by a shift in his stance, that i was here. "Besides, i thought you were angry at me."

I stood straight and started walking over to him. "Well, no as much you as our current circumstance."

"You never had to come. You werent banished." I stood beside him, awtching the ice floes float by.

"In a way... I kind of was..." My eyes dropped for a second, then i smiled and looked up at him. "Besides, i wasnt going to let my best friend leave by himself, now was i?"

Silence. I looked him over. Everything about him screamed angry. I got to his hair and smiled. "What?" He finally noticed me looking at him.

"Nothing. Just remembering when we had to shave your head because you got ticks from our first pitstop at the Earth Kingdom." I started laughing. "And you insisted we kept at least a small part so you wouldnt be totally bald."

He cracked a small small smile. "Yeah, if it were up to you, though, it would have been right on the side of my head."

I started laughing again, and thought i had heard him chuckled a bit and when i stopped i looked up at him. "Seriously though, you need sleep."

"But i-"

"Need to catch the Avatar for your honour, i know! You cant do that when you're tired-" His stomach growled. "-Or starved, now can you?"

"Well... Fine, i am pretty hungry." I smiled, taking his arm and dragging him down through the ship and into the kitchen.

"Xin!" I sang out to the head chef. "Fry up that duck we found a while ago, we're starved!"

"But duck is a rare delicacy, General Iroh wanted it saved for him."

"Right... Then Some Komodo-Dragon!"

"Now that i can do. Extra-spicy?"

"You know it!"

I looked up at Zuko, grinning and stopped short when i saw that ghe was glaring at me. "I hate how chummy you are with the help."

"Aw, come on, Zuko! Its not my fault if Xin practically raised me. Besides you, he's my only friend." Then we ate in silence. Afterwards i hugged him. "Night, Zu-Zu! Sleep tight! Dont let the fire creepers bite!"

"Dont hug me!" He yelled after me as i walked to my room. "And good night!"

I giggled as i heard his door slam. "So moody, yet so fun to pick on." I changed into my pajamas and went to bed, snuffing out the light of the candle with my fingers.


I woke up to thumping on the deck, so either Zuko was practicing, or Xin and Kuma were at it again. I shivered as i got into my clothes, hoping it wouldnt be the latter as walked up to the deck. "Enough! I've been drilling this sequence all day!" Thank the spirits, it was Zuko. I yawned and walked between Iroh and Zukos fight and leaned on the side of the boat. "Lani..."

"Oh, dont mind me, boys." I sighed. "Just little old me, watching the sun rise." I turned to look at them, still bickering. "You know, the sun is a pretty thing. Faithful too. No matter how long the night is, you know the sun'll be back soon. You just have to be patient and wait."

"You hang out with uncle too much."

I shrugged. "Well, who else am i going to hang out with? You're always angry and Xins always busy."

"What does what you were saying mean anyways?"

I shrugged. "Be patient? I dont know." He started practicing again and i sat on the ground by Iroh and watched. "Erm..." I lifted a finger. "If i could just say something?"


"You're doing it wrong." I said bluntly. He marched over and towered above me.

"Oh, what? You think you can do any better?"

"Uh, yes, but theres one problem." I stood up. "I cant firebend, dummy!"

"Well, then how do you know im doing it wrong?"

"Ah, you forget, my uncle was the one who taught you and your sister." We got in a battle stance. "Now look, it goes like thi-" Something shot up in the sky and Zuko stared at it, wide-eyed.

"Get me my telescope!" He ran over and looked through it.

"Aw, just when it started getting fun!"

"The last Airbender. Quite agile for his old age. Wake my uncle." I glance over to where Iroh was and saw he had left. "Tell him, i've found the Avavtar." He looked into the telescope again. "As well as his hiding place."

"Oh, we're gong into actual civiliation? Guess its a chance for me to put my hair up." I left to get ready as we headed towards the Southern Water Tribe.

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