Who Am I Really

Hope you enjoy this story. I Havnt been getting much comments cause I've been off for a while. It might be a little slow in the begging but it Will pick up and it would be awesome so don't give up on it to quickly. Oh and see if you can put the peices together.

Chapter 1

The Mysterious New Kid That Only Leaves Me With Questions

A world where I new I belonged and that I knew who I really was. This was my home even though nothing mad sense. I wasnt normal I was abnormal all I knew was that I had friends and family and everything was.......perfect an the way it should be. I knew who I was and thats all I needed. That's all I ever needed and wanted.

"Morgan wake up where going to be late for school" Ana said pushing me off the bed. "I'm up gosh" I siad as I sat up from the floor. Ana walked out my room and went to hers to do god knows what that chick does. It was just a dream. No surprise there. Everything that dream has I dont have. A family is one of them. My father left me when I was young I don't even remember how old I was. Thats not the only thing I don't remember about myself. I don't remember Who I Really Am.

I got off the floor and went to take a shower and do my hair. When I was done I got dressed http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=34326706. We got on my moped and headed to school. I was taking Greek and it was my favorite class. I was extremely good at it. That was something I learned about my self I was a natural at Greek. "Class we have this new kid that will be joining our class" A kid walked in the class room he was cute but weird in a way not weird by the was he dresses or anything like that he just seems....different.

In a weird way I was attracted to him. I looked around the class room and noticed people made faces whe he walked in. "This is Zeack Tomsin. You can take a seat next to Morgan right there" he said pointing at me. I was nervous and scared. That wasn't like me well I don't think it is? So far in my whole life I haunt been afraid of ANYTHING for some reason he scared me. That made me much more attracted to him. I like mysterious guys and that's exactly what he was. A mystery waiting to be solved but I was to scared so I would just stay a distance.

I looked at him and he looked at me back. I quickly looked down and pretended I wad reading. "do you have a pen" I heard someone say. I looked up and looked around. "I'm talkin to you" the voice said again. It was a medium pitched voice. It was silky and smooth and made me feel warm. "Morgan is that your name. Do you have a pen" I looked at Zeack. He was the one asking me. I looked around the class room to find everyone looking at us. "yeah" I said. Handing him a brand new pen.

"so what if he's weird. Weird dark mysterious is so hot. Talking about it makese want to bite someone's neck" I looked at Ana why are you so gothic" I asked. She shrugged and laughed. Suddenly I felt hands around my waist I quickly grabbed them and turned around. "oh hey Damion shouldn't you be With Your popular friends or something" i said giving him a big smile. You know I'm not that type of popular kid. I don't care what people think."

"And you know I'm not the type to talk to jocks" I told him punching him in the stomach he lost breath. When he got it back he put his arm around me. Me and Damion always do that everyday. We act like we don't like each other. We've Bren friends since the begging oh high school and now this year he's my boyfriend. I kissed him on the lips and walked to my table. Damion sat on my left ad he placed his arm around my waist.

Back home
I went to my room and pulled out this old book my aunt gave me. It was a book of poems. Ana just gave it to me about 2 days ago and said it was about time I got this. I was confused but I didn't want to think about it. I opened up the first page weird it was in Greek Τώρα βλέπετε μου τώρα εσείς δεν θέλετε το κάνατε, αλλά εσείς συνηθισμένοι (now you see me now you don't you wish you did but you won't) I said in both Greek and English. That was weird.

I went to the roof like I did everytime there was a full moon I don't know why it was like I just had to. And everytime I did I got hungry. I made some steak and left some blood in it. It tasted way better that way. I saw a figure through my window I walked over slowly and of was him again. The man I always see following me watching me. He was in a tree. Yeah I know people would have called the cops because someones stalking them but like I said I wasn't afraid of anything except him.

I walked to my room after brushing my teeth to go to bed when I looked at my nightstand the frame that was suppose to have a picture of me and my aunt only had my aunt and a white space next to here I looked for all the other pictures of me but they where gone only white spaced with background and other people. I must have fainted cause all I saw next was darkness and squecky noises.


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