Chapter 1

Heh heh

Alright, so i started school today. And guess what?
Don't know?
Can't guess?
Well I got into a fight already(: Without Alyssa here, it's gonna be a long three months. So what happened is I was calling out to my friend. I call her Wife. I'm just like "Wifee!!! I love youu!!" minding my own business when some biitch decides to call me a phucking lesbian and to burn in hell. Yeah, now she wishes she had shut the phuck up. But she didn't. We learn from our mistakes. I found that extremely interesting to share for my first day of school(; Hahaa well i just thought i'd share that with you. Any thoughts? Comment(: Or any problems? Feel free to cuss me out in a message and see where that takes you!(:

Love you,


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