My Twilight Verison (Justin Bieber)

People Who Are Staring Eachother.
Edward:Justin Bieber
Jacob: Taylor Launter
Renne: Carmen
Phil: Phil
And the rest people are the same if you want to be in it send me a message with the title :Audtion For Story :) enjoy!

Chapter 1

New Town New People

"are you sure you want to go? If you dont want to go, you can always stay" my mom, Carmen, said she really didn't want me to go live with my dad for a while but I think it'll do us all some good.
"mom I'm sure. Youll be able to get rid of me and I'll be spending time with dad I havnt seen him in a while and it'll do us all some good" I said
She had both hands on my face.
"Binca I would never want to get rid of you, now you better go before you miss your plane" she said and kissed me on my forehead.
"love you"
"love you too, bye Phil" my stepdad Phil waved bye to me. Him and my mom got married over the summer and I thought they should get a real honymooon and not be stuck with me. I got on the plane, a 6 hour plane ride sitting next to a loud person and a kid kicking my chair the whole time. Some how I made it through. I went to check out my bags. I saw my dad, Ricky with open arms I hugged him.
"your getting big kido" theres a thing with me and my dad there's always this awkwardness between me and him. His more like a friend then a dad too I guess because he hasn't had much practice my mom left him when I was only 4 months old, I would come vist him every summer and every other Xmas and thanksgiving. Its the least I could do.
"I have a surprise for you" dad said
"oh what" I asked
"well if I told you Binca then it wouldn't be really a surprise" he laughed I laughed too.
"ya I guess so, when does school start" I asked when we passed the local school. Forks isn't a big town it's small everyone knows eachother.
"next week don't worry I'll take you school shopping wedneday or tomorrow if you like" he said
"uh ya sure" me and shopping don't mix at all we like clash. We avarried at his house, well now my house for a while o guess. Two guys where there two.
"hey Ricky" a guy in a wheelchair said to my dad. He had long grey hair and very tan skin, strange for a guy living here and his son, I'm guessing, almost looks like him but with black hair and tall and strong.
"Binca you remember Billy and Jacob" dad asked
"oh ya" I lied
"remember we use to make mud pie together when we were little" Jacob said
"ya totally I remember don't worry" I said joking but the truth was I dont really rememeber at all who these people are.
"well what do you think" dad said while showing me a orange truck.
"it's awesome"
"it's also yours" he said
"what no way" I said looking at them.
"ya just bought it off Billy here"
"this is so cool" I said getting in the truck Jacob getting in the other side.
"I'm going to take it for a test drive" telling my dad.
"okay be careful" he yelled back
"we will" we both said.
"so your from La Push?" I asked
"yup" "that's so cool so it's nothing but beachs over there?" I asked
"ya I guess we have tons of Bon fires you should come to one, one of these days" he said smiling
"sounds like a date, whens the next one" I asked
"this weekend" he froze when he saw a guy and his what seems to be ether his girlfriend or his sister or just a friend.
"what? You know him?" I asked
"uh can we go back to your place" he asked
"sure.." I made a uturn and went back the other way. That was so strange but that guy was so cute, hold it together Binca it's only your first day you just can't go around picking guys and calling dibs I mean what is this jr.high? We got back to my dads house we went inside to see Billy and my dad watching the football game.
"who's winning?" Jacob asked
I went to go unpack.
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