Me And My Big Fat Stomach!

This is a little info on my pregnancy, so if you wanna know just read this if not, oh well.

Chapter 1

Update and Names!!!

Okay, so today I hit the 2 week mark of my pregnancy!!!! I'm great and so is the baby!!! Shae (my daughter) is super excited to be a big sister, and she reads to my tummy! We're all so excited, and can't wait for our little bundle of joy to get here. We're looking for name suggestions, and we don't know the gender yet, so please leave me some names !!! :D Thanks for everyone's support, and loving positive attitudes!

Some Names We Like:


Serenity Peace McMillan

Izzabella Maroon McMillan

Teagan Ginevera Addison McMillan

Geena Marie Edmonson

Adeline Kristina McMillan

Amber Callie McMillan


Joesph Everett McMillan

Ronald Hugo McMillan

Nicholas Ransom McMillan

Ezra Xavier McMillan

Tell me what you think! :D

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