Moves Like Jagger (A ICONic Boyz Story)

Chapter 2

Part Two: Get Used To LA

We came a few week before ABDC really started, so we have been bounding with all the crews I love them all, but I just cant stop being so jealous of that girl, Selena, all the guys are like going crazy over her. But I really think that Vinny likes me and I like him to, I wish he could just tell me! So I dont have to make the first move, I mean he is the guy! I kind of still like James I have been great friends with him, but I really like him, hes tried to be with me but then he just started acting stupid hes one of those party guys, and when he gets drunk or high, hes a totally different person. He is looks a lot like Cam Gigandet, but at the age of 15. I get the most jealous feeling when he talks to her!
Vinny: Hey, Mikayla, how have you been(All Smiles)
Me: Hey Vinny(You smile)
We start staring at each other he is going to grab my hand
Then I see James kiss Selena they were kissing right behind Vinny
Suddenly my smile went to a frown
Vinny: Okay, then Ill just leave
I just stare and dont even realize what is going on with Vinny all I can think about is that he kissed her!
I FINALLY realize after like 5 minutes that Vinny got the vibe that I didnt like him, I felt so bad, I walked up tp him...
Me: Hey Vinny!
Vinny: What?
Me: I was meaning to tell you...
Vinny: Look I really like you, a lot! and then was pretty messed up what you did, I really thought you were into me, you have got to stop(Talking fast)
I cut him off and just stare into his eyes then I kissed him
James: Mikayla, time to go to the hotel!
Me: Well looks like I have to go...see you later
Vinny just smiles and I run to the car, I feel like on top of the world! Hes amazing!!!!

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