Moves Like Jagger (A ICONic Boyz Story)

Chapter 1

Americas Best Dance Crew

That phone call change everything, that one little phone call.
Mario Lopez- "you and your crew made it on Americas Best Dance Crew!!"
All that was going through my mind was like what!! Yesterday I was dancing in a studio, and now I'm dancing infront of millions of people. My crew (I.aM.mE) [a/n:I know I just couldn't think of a name lol too lazy :P] were on a plane there I was so exited.
James-"I wonderwhat LA is like?"
Alex-"probably filled with rich fakes?"
We all laughed, see were not use to rich first class people. Were not poor, nor are we rich were in the middle. Are plane was landing. Me-"were here" I said squeezing James arm.
James-"ow! You might be tiny but you got some muscles on you"
I laughed. We were getting our bags from check out.
??-"hey are you guys also going to be on Americas Best Dance Crew?"
We turned to look at a couple of boys.
Me-"ya I'm Selena, and you are"
Mikey-"Mikey but they call me spiky Mikey"
Me-awesome this is Alex, James, Carlos, Zac. And Im Mikayla"
Mikey-"this is Louis Aka the Pitbull, Madison Aka the madboy, Jason Aka no bones, Nick Aka Nickalouis, Thomas Aka T-Money, and Vinny Aka Grand Man"
Vinny caught my eye, he was so cute I couldnt help but stare.
Alex-"it's nice to meet you"
I came back down to earth.
Me-"ya what he said"
Vinny-"so your the only girl in the group?"
Me-"yup and the youngest"
Vinny-"how old are you?"
Me-"13 I'm turning 14 in a couple of days" I smiled
??-"come on guys"
Some girl said I couldn't help but feel jealousy take over me, while the guys went gaga over her.
Me-"ya we better go too nice meeting you"
Mikey-"ya you too"
I walked away and I notice the guys were still looking at her.
Me-"come on!" I said dragging them outta the airport.
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