My Rock God (Nick Jonas)

Chapter 2


Someone knocks on my door. "come in" I said it was Nick. "about the other da-" I didn't let him finsh. "look I'm sorry if I embarrassed you" I said looking down.
"no it's that I kinda like you too" he said.I looked up in shock.He just gave me a smirk.I smiled back."Well do you um......want to go on a date".I smiled and said "Sure".He left the room.I just started jumping on my bed until I fell off of it.I started cracking up on the floor.Then I got up texted Hayley (A=Ashley H-Hayley)

A-Guess What
A-I'm going on a Date with Nick
H-No way
A-Way I don't have know clue when though.But I have to go

I put my phone in my pocket.I went down stairs.They wasn't on the couch.I heard a ball bouncing .I went outside and saw them playing basketball.I went outside.Then Josh threw the ball at Nick.Nick didn't catch it so it hit me in my face.I fell to the side.Josh just started cracking up.Nick came and helped me up.I wanted to do something to piss Josh off so.I leaned in and kissed Nick

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