My Rock God (Nick Jonas)

Chapter 1

My Brothers Friend

Ever since Josh, my brother, and Nick have become friends, Ive had a crush on him and still do but know one knows, only my bestfriend Hayley. She thinks it crazy to have a crush on your brothers best friend, but hey I can't help it! Right now there in the living room playing xbox it seems like that's the only thing they do. Boys! Now and days. I don't know if I should go talk to him or just admire him from a far? What am I saying? I got a bowl and put chips in it and went out to go give it to them, as I sat down.
"what do you want?" Josh ask in a rude tone.
"I thought id be nice and bring this too you guys" I said looking at Nick. "what do you want?" Josh asked, he notice that I was looking at Nick. "oh dude, that's gross my little sister likes you" he said laughing. My face turned bright red, his also turned red. "your such a jerk!" I said and got up and ran up to my roo
. I could hear my brother say. "nah dude shell be okay" I rolled my eyes. Brothers! And since that day I havnt been able to look at Nick In the face thanks to my brother. Well that was a long time ago maybe like two weeks but still. My brother ruins everything for me. Someone knocks on my door. "come in" I said it was Nick. "about the other da-" I didn't let him finsh. "look I'm sorry if I embarrassed you" I said looking down.
"no it's that I kinda like you too" he said.. Nick Jonas say what??
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