The Option (And Other Poetry) [3]

Hey! This is just a collection of my poetry. I'd like it if you give a response on them, especially ones you like. I deleted my other poetry stories on my other account (Pupp15) so you won't find them. They all are on here :D

Chapter 1

The Option

Dedicated to our troops

Lord, what have we come to?
When did fighting become our world?
When blood became a usual sight?
When some don't live to see light?
When did we have to hide,
In shadows,
In darkness,
When we leave for work,
For school,
For a neighborly visit,
Hell stands in our way,
Not a shake in the silence,
One is caught,
And given the feeling,
Of emptiness,
Of hatred,
Of sorrow,
Of self-pity,
Of certain death,
Of helplessness.
Of weakness,
But weakness we don't seek,
Some know the option isn't there,
That it if were, we would all fail,
Fall to our knees,
See the end of our lives,
Though the pain is like a thousand knives,
The option is not there,
The option is not there,
The option is not there,
No failure will be accepted,
In a world where no one is fair,
Death, sweet death, will never come,
If you fail,
Because the option isn't there,
It will never be there,
To fail is to die,
You can bleed,
You can groan, mumble and scream in agony,
But the option isn't there,
The option of failure,
Of weakness,
Of effeteness,
Of enervated thoughts,
When one thinks,
"This is enough",
"This will work",
"Finished I am"
But no one will be,
No one will be,
Even after death,
Nothing ends,
There is never an end,
For the option isn't there,
And it never will be

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