Just curious(sp?) . . .

hey guys/gals im thinking of doing a story,i got the idea from a certain friend of mine on quibblo . . . im sure if u read this you'll know who you are.
Well I Was Thinking Since Most Of Us Like To Read im going to do my own story type thing!

Chapter 1

Decisions . . .

by: JaDe007
ok so vampie diaries was on t.v while i was reading my book a bbming my bestie and i had th idea to continue with the vampire diaries from the actual final book where Damon dies :'( but with a twist and characters from other books that get added into my 1!! ok so im not 100% sure if im gonna do this story or not sooo
plz just comment yes or no or suggestions and if u have any questions at alll just messgae me and ask il gladly answer you ! so ye um i yhink it will be very fun/weird at times!!!

so thnaks and please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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