My Bedroom Walls Can Talk

Hey Everyone, Here is my other story. I will finish with Bellatrix and Voldemort. Thank Love all of My Fans/friends.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter

Chapter One: Harry Potter
One cold rainy day I was in my room reading Anne's House of Dreams by L.M Montgomery and I started hearing someone call my name. I look up and discovered my room occupied with no one but me. As a began to read my book, I heard the voice call my voice twice more. I got up from my bed and entered the living room and ask my mom and step-sister, Alice if they called me. There reply was no, so I went back into my room and decided to to put my book away and start on my homework. A few minutes into my Literature Homework I heard my name being called again. I look up from my book and discover my room still occupied by only myself. At this time I got a little freak out, so i decided to turn my cd player on and listen to Taylor Swift's album, Fearless. Then out of no where this mysterious voice boomed over the volume of my cd. The sudden noise or should I say piercing scream caused me to jump clear off my bed. I look around and still couldn’t figure out where this noise was coming from. I turned my music off and went into the living room to make sure once again my mom was not calling me. Her reply was the same as before, so I walk back into my room puzzled. As I entered the room I noticed something moving on the wall to the left of me. I walked a little bit closer to it to discover three sets of eyes protruding from the blue paint. I couldn't believe my eyes, was I really seeing what I think I am seeing. I quickly shut my eyes and slowly reopened them thinking that when I opened them what I saw wouldn't be there anymore. To my dismay they were still there. I began to scream and no sooner had I started the voice returned to say,
"Ella don't be afraid we will not hurt you."
I stop screaming to stare into the eyes that spoke to me. Then I heard the voice of a female who introduce me to as Hermione Granger. Shortly followed by her voice of two males who introduce as Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. I couldn't believe what I was hearing or seeing. This couldn't be real; these are only character from my favorite’s novels. I stood there speechless for what seemed like hours. Finally, I got the courage to ask:
"What do you want?"
The voice of Harry Potter replied,
"Is anyone else around?"
I told him that my brothers and my mom and step-sister are in the other room, but they won't hear us over the air conditioning unit and T.V.
"Good now let’s get started!" Replied Harry.
Then Hermione interrupted by saying,
"I think it is neat that you like to do homework and school so much."
Ron's voice then boomed over Hermione’s voice,
"Yeah you like school entirely too much.”
"Don't listen to him Ella and further more boys maybe you can sit back and take some lessons on how to get to school and make good grades," replied Hermione in a stern voice.
No sooner had Hermione finished her last word Harry spoke up and ask,
"Why do you like to go to school so much?"
I said,
"There are several reasons why: First: to learn, Second: to see my friends, and Third: I can get away from my oldest brother."
Hermione then ask me,
"Why are you so mean to your brother?"
My answer was simple.
"Because he aggravates me especially while I am trying to do my homework. He won't play games the way i want to play them and he follows me around all day trying to annoy me. My moms always say to ignore him and he will eventually stop, but I won't listen because it feels like forever before he will stop torturing me."
The next voice i heard was from Ron's. He was curious to know what my favorites books were since I have a bookcase full of books. I told him the books I enjoy the most are as follows:
1. Harry Potter
2. Anne of Green Gables
3. The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
4. Hurricances have eyes but can't see and other crazy facts about wild weather
5. The World’s Best fairy Tales
6. My Bible
7. Charlotte’s Web
8. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
9. Recusing Sprite
10. Cindy Ella
Ron then asks me how many books do I owned in all. I told him 73. At that time I heard some whispering between the three of them and a few minutes later Hermione ask me,
"What movies of you enjoy watching?"
I laugh and replied,
"The movies I enjoy to watch to watch over and over again will have to be as follows:
1. Harry Potter
2. Anne of Green Gables
3. The Prince and Me 2
4. Betimes Stories
5. Enchanted
6. Narnia
7. Monster-In-Law
8. Never Been Kissed
9. Fever Pitch
10. Legally Blond
And many more."
After I finished telling them, Hermione then ask me what my favorite subject in school was.
"It would have to be Greek Mythology," I said.
As soon as my finished my last word Ron and Harry yelled,
Harry then asks me what music I like to listen to and my reply to him was country music. I went on to say,
"My two favorite singers are Taylor swift and Carrie Underwood."
"What are you favorite songs," asked Ron.
I answered saying,
"Love Story, Best Day, and Change by Taylor Swift and by Carrie underwood would have to be, Just a Dream, Last Name, and All- American-Girl."
Then Hermione ask,
"What else do you like to do besides doing educational stuff?"
At that moment you could hear the sternness in her voice like she is trying to prove to the boys that she could talk about stuff other than educational.
"Well," I began, "When it is raining outside and I have been good, then my mom lets me play with my Nintendo DS game. My favorite games on it are Sims Pets and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."
"You really must like Harry Potter," replied all three voices.
I laugh,
"Yeah that is what my mom says too."
"All good things must come to an end," said Hermione.
"What do you mean," I replied'
"Your brother is fixing to walk through the door and we must be going now," Said Ron.
"It was nice talking to you Ella," Said Harry and Hermione at the same time.
No sooner did did they finished their words, just as they said my bedroom door opened with a quick jerk and my brother stood there looking puzzled and he said,
"Who were you talking to?"
And I said,
"You wouldn't believe me if i told you."
The End

(This is a story i did write back when I was in 5th grade. I am now going to 9th grade. I hope you all like it and i will have a new one soon.)

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