Holden's Twin Sister (A Starkid Story)

Title Explains All

I have no idea what Year of College they were in when they produced StarKid, and AVPM. So I guess it will be after then.

Chapter 1


"Brian! Why do we have to go to the same college?" I complained, lugging the box of Disney movies up another flight of stairs. "Because my dear Dis, now I, can look after you, along with my Theater friends." My older (by a minute) brother Brian smiled, shifting the box of books. Our parents were following close behind with clothes and pictures. "Unfair." I fake whined, pushing the light brown hair Brian and I inherited from our parents. "Sure it is Disney." Oh, another thing. My parents (well, our whole family) are obsessed with Disney movies. Go figure.

"At least you got a normal name! I have to go around with the name Disney!" I panted, finally reaching the dorm Brian's friend Lauren and I were sharing. "Oh, just be glad I got Lauren to agree with sharing a room with you." Brian stuck his tongue out. "Yeah, lucky." I muttered, knocking. It opened to a girl about 5'0, with brown hair, and blue eyes. I smiled. "I'm Disney Holden." I pulled the box in, Brian following me. "You finally cleaned up? Nice job Lopez." Brian teased, then there was a punch, and some silence.

"So, uh, where do I sleep?" "Right behind you." She smiled back at me, and I turned, setting my box on my bed. "Geez Lopez, creeper much?" There was a boy with curly black hair in the hallway. I smiled. "Darren, this is Disney, my little sister." Darren assumed a detective pose and walked over, looking me over like a crime scene. "I announce that this girl has not been kidnapped." He smiled, patting my head. I scowled, standing up. "At least I'm taller than you." I smirked, patting Darren's head. "Nuh uh." He stuck his tongue out.

"Brian, your back!!" there was a tall boy with black hair like Darren's, but his wasn't curly. "Is there a party here or something?" He asked, seeing Darren and Lauren. "No. Darren here was just leaving Joey." Lauren scowled, pushing Darren out the door. "Leave Holden." She pointed at the door, and we both started leaving. "Not you!" She grabbed my collar, and pulled me back in. "So your really twins?" "Yeah, he's older by a minute. I was going to MU on a softball scholarship, but Brian insisted that I switch here." I started unpacking.

"When do you start school?" "Tomorrow, I start my second year" I shrugged, pulling out a photo of when Brian and I were 13. "Holden wore braces?!" Pause: I have no idea if that was true or not. Continue! I held back laughter. "Yeah." I grinned, knowing Brian would kill me later. A knock on the door sounded, and Lauren handed me the picture back, skipping over to the door. "Lopez, you ready to party?" A girl asked. I looked over my shoulder, to see a girl with light brown hair, and a bunch of other people. "NICKY!" I shouted, seeing the familiar face. "DISNEY!!" Nicholas Lang shouted, filled with joy.

He pushed through the crowd, hugging me. "You guys know each other?" It was that Joey kid from earlier. I mean, I knew that Brian was apart of a theater group called StarKid, and that Nick came home at Christmas, along with his brother Matt. "Matthew?" I asked, peering over Nick's shoulder, back into the crowd. There was Brian, and THERE was Matt! He smiled big, pushing through the crowd as Nick had done, and hugged me as well. "Brian Daniel Holden, I command you to give me a hug!" I grinned evilly at him.

He rolled his eyes, his cheeks a dark red, and came over, hugging me as well. "So, are you two twins?" Darren asked. "Yeah." We answered in unison. "We just don't-" Brian started, "Do that creepy twin thing where-" I continued, "You finish each others sentence." We finished together. "They don't do it too often." Nick grinned, ruffling our hair. "You coming with Disney?" Brian asked, throwing a glance at me that said, Don't. I don't need you butting in on my social life. I asked you to come so we could be closer, not so you could steal my friends

I shook my head. "Can't Bri," I started, grinning as he cringed at his childhood nickname, "gotta unpack, and get ready for the beginning day. I have a tryout with UMitch's softball coach. Gots to get plenty of sleep." I winked. I didn't have tryouts. No sir. I hadn't even begun to think about Extra Curricular until now. The StarKid's left, leaving me in the dorm. I hung up pictures of the family, my old friends, Lucy, Geena and Hayley, and my favorite animal ever-my dog Sirius.

I would die if anything happened to him. Then finally, I reached my favorite picture ever. Me and my boyfriend, Lucas, who could be Matthew Lewis's stunt double. Except for the fact that Lucas had blonde, shaggy hair. Other than that though, they could be twins. I had barely finished hanging up the photo's, when another knock sounded at the dorm's door. Frowning, I opened the door to a paper, with a rose on top. Looking around, I picked up the paper, and the rose, and headed back inside, shutting the door with my butt.

The paper was Talent Show auditions. My mind flew to singing.But I never sung. Ever. Theater and Singing were Brian's things. Softball and Dancing were mine. We didn't cross the lines, as long as the other twin didn't. But I suppose if I did dancing and singing, I wouldn't cross the lines.

Yes, this is the cruddy top secret project I've been working on. School is some tough Chiz.


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