My Strange Song

My Strange Song

Okay, you all probably know that I am quite mad. So I was just typing on Quibblo when this awesome, in my eyes, song hit me. It is a song Severus wrote for Lily. So hear it is. Please rate and comment.

Chapter 1

Forever and Always

I'll be there,
Forever and Always.
At your side,
And on the floor.
To take the leap of faith,
I'm lookin' for.
The heart of gold,
I see in you
Tears me apart.
The Autumn changes nothing for you are gone.
I'm still waitin' for the tides to change,
You would laugh and I'd love it.
The waiting and sorrow,
Dampened my tomorrow.
I'll be waitin' then
I'll be waitin' then.
I can't help feelin'
This ain't never gonna change.
Because you're gone now
Because you're gone now.
I'm still yours
Forever and always.

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