Hey-we all love you [A Fred and George Weasley Love Story]

Thanks to all the contributors who helped make this group story!

Chapter 1

Evanna Osment

by: Lizzbutt
Looking at the calendar on the wall I smiled and looked out the window. It was bright and sunny day, perfect for the occasion. Today I was going back to Hogwarts for my third year, a day I have been waiting for.
I got up and went to change. I already took a shower last night and I had the perfect outfit for my day back [http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=36070692]. Simple but cute, just the way I liked it. Of course I knew I had to change in to my robes eventually but I wanted to do this for those a special someone I've had a crush on ever since my first year...
Fred and George Weasley. We met on the train and all we did is talk about the pranks they were going to do once they found out who's the prat in Hogwarts. Of course Fred was just as cute as George-they were twins, they looked the same-but George gave me a special warmth. A love and care that made me feel special. They were sorted in to Gryffindor and I was sorted in to Ravenclaw but that didn't mean we didn't see each other. We met up after classes and talked about our days. It was very fun and were times I always looked forward to. But then I saw those girls.... they always hanged around Fred and George and I knew they had crushes on them. Including two of my friends, Kelly and Alexandri (Alex for short). I knew they were going to end up with George-and Fred, since many of them seemed to take a liking to talking to him. They were all so popular, funny and GREAT pranksters. I didn't have a chance. Even if I was eight veela, and a metamorphmagus.
"Hun, breakfast's ready!" my mother called out from downstairs. I quickly changed my hair color to a simple chocolate brown and hurried downstairs. I could smell the waffles, my favorite. I took a seat and looked up to my beautiful mother. She was a half-veela, but would never date anybody after my dad died this January, no matter how hard they begged her. She was that loyal. She went to Hogwarts and was sorted in to Hufflepuff-no surprise. She was everything anybody would describe her house: hard-working, sweet, loyal, patient...
"Mum, I'll miss you a lot you know," I suddenly said, looking up from my waffles. She turned around and I noticed that there were tears in her eyes.
"Me too, sweety," she said and sat down at the table. We laughed and talked about all the good times we had with dad.


I ran through the wall marking the entrance to platform 9 & 3/4. Mum soon followed, looking around the station. The train was already theere so it was time to part and say goodbye. We hugged and I boared onto the train.
I sighed and looked around for Fred and George. Finally I caught a glimpse of two red head boys and I rushed to the compartment. I opened the compartment door to find three red heads-not two. My mind raced back to the times when Fred and George mentioned their little brother, Ron. This must've been him. I looked around the compartment. It was full. There was Fred, George, Ron-I think, a boy with a with a lightning bolt-shaped scar on the middle of his forehead, and two girls I'd seen around Fred and George before ((OOC: Uh, so the two girls are going to be Susan and Juliet, if you two don't mind :D)). I smiled at the lot and before they could say a word, I slipped out of the compartment.
I looked for a empty compartment, sat down and took out my edition of the Quibbler. This year wasn't off to such a great start.....


Hoped you guys liked my first contribution to the story! Next up will be Weasleylover245 with Susan Brian!-well once I figure out how these group stories work!

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