What a Flammable Heart I've Been Given (A StarKid Story)

Hey, look, another StarKid story!
The main character, Massie, is Meredith's cousin and looks kind of similar to her. Why Meredith? Because if I were a man, I'd marry that girl in a heartbeat. But since I am a girl...she will be my cousin! :D And Massie is 2 years younger.
(Meredith, if you are reading....sorry....it sounds creepy looking back on it...)

Hope you guys enjoy this nonsense! Love you all, Geena:)
BTDubs, when you put the intials together it sounds like "Waffabig".

Chapter 1

Start of My Life

The start of my life. It seems like yesterday. Well, really, it was yesterday...

"Hey! I jus--"
I stopped in my tracks, gawking at the two nude bodies intertwined.
Breezi, my best friend, and Chris, my boyfriend of four years tomorrow, have been...sleeping (to put it lightly) together.
"Wha-- WHAT THE HELL?!" I managed to yell. Chris woke with a start and Breezi had a smirk on her face.
"Mass! What are yo--" Chris started, but I cut him off.
"Why are... When... What the fvck?!"
"Calm down, Massie, we've only done it twice," Breezi rolled her eyes like it was just...leaving the oven on!
Tears brimmed as I stood in the doorway to Chris' room in the apartment we all three shared. I ran into my room, ignoring Chris' half-hearted apologies, and started packing my bags.

And that is the reason why I am on this stupid plane on the way to live with my older, by two years, cousin, Meredith, in Chicago, Illinois.
She was the closest in age and the closest to me in my family and I needed someone.
My parents would ask questions and pry and be annoying and try to figure out what happened. I couldn't move back in with them on that farm in Plymouth, Ohio.
Yep, you read that right. Ohio farm girl. When we heard Meredith was going to UMich to be a Wolverine, my dad stopped talking to his brother for a while. I hadn't seen her in five years, so I was nervous, but really excited to move in.
Three hours until I touch down in the Windy City...
I feel bad for imposing on Mer, but I needed out. Badly.
I had stayed locked in my room for hours and hours before she cleared it with her roommates, Laura and Denise.
"As long as you don't mind Deeds and Laura and me always nannying or rehearsing!" she told me over the phone.
"Oh, of course! Thank you so much, Mer! But...what are you rehearsing for?"
"A musical with my friends from college called Starship. I'm playing a robot named Mega Girl!"
"You're playing...a robot?" I asked, unsure.
"Yeah! You know my voice!" she laughed. Mer had a laugh and a big smile I was always jealous of.
"Right..." I was starting to second guess this decision and get nervous.
"Maybe you could come to rehearsal and hang out?! Trust me, it's gonna be...totally awesome! Unless you're a fangirl."
"A fangirl? For what?"
"StarKid! Duh!"
"Meredith," I sighed. "I have no clue what you are speaking of."

I was apparently clueless about a lot.
1. What the hell is a StarKid?
2. Why is my cousin a robot?
3. Is it too late to give the small town of Shiloh where my shared apartment of two years was, 2.37 miles away from my parents, another shot?
4. Should I even ever consider giving them another shot?
5. Will this flammable heart heal?

I wrote these down and planned to answer all of them. I hesitated, pen poised above the airline napkin.

6. Will I find that real love exists?

~~~~ BLAH! Like it? :)
"What a flammable heart I've been given" is a Freelance Whales lyric from their AMAZING song, Location:)
Love and hugs, Geena! ~~~~

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