Read please.


Chapter 1

Listen up

Okay, I don't need sympathy, I just need your ears, or eyes really.

I just went through a bad break up, no it's nlike a sob story, it's more like a rip-open story. I cought my boyfriend kissing my best friend, she was in it to, she liked. orst of all my other friends were ganging up on me saying things like, "Well, she deserved him better anyway" "Oh really, well maybe, she's just better than you" So good news, I know who my true friends are now, but it still hurts.
Like I can't describe how much it hurts. But being me, I kicked all of my supposed friend's butt's and my ex's too they're all brused now, and I can't belive I did it, but you know, I don't care anymore.

And I thought I'd make a poem...yeah...

I saw her in your hands,
like blood on a knife from a crime scene,
So apparenly she was better,
And I was just tiring.

So now i'm afraid,
i'll just be a wall flower again,
But if you ever think you can do that again,
you'd be sorry,
'cause I don't care about you anymore.

But somethings did come out good,
rising like a pheonix from the ashes,
So i'll tell you these,
just to show how good it is now,

I realized,
Who my true friends are,
and just how sick you are,
and ho hurt I am,
and how bad I look in your eyes.

But in truth,
I'm breaking once again,
And i'll need some one to fix me,
But I guess my heart never wanted to stay in one peice.

oh well, time to mend.

Thanks for taking time out of your precious life to listen to my sobs.


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