Attack of the Cannibals (An interactive Story)

So there is a village where 40 people live in their own home and they all lived in peace..
But then 10 villagers were secretly cannibals and starting eating the villagers, killing one person per night (or more). Another villager secretly has a sleeping disorder and knows every cannibal out there, but they threatened to eat him if he told the village.
Every day, you vote for one who may be a cannibal-Most voted is executed. Win by killing all cannibals. Lose by having more cannibals. Good luck!

Chapter 1

The Characters

by: dat_nerd
Before the story, I wanna Introduce all the 40 characters since there's so many.

X-Means Dead, Then it says Villager, Cannibal, or Seeker for what they were...
The villagers:
1. Robert Stevenson X-Cannibal
2. Patrick Moore X-Villager
3. Joe Harrison X-Villager
4. William Marsh X-Villager
5. Abraham Richardson X-Villager
6. Frederick Collins X- Villager
7. Sasha Waters X-Villager
8. Penelope Yeager X-Villager
9. Tom Jacobs X-Villager
10. Joan Mallory X-Villager
11. Ian Delgato X-Cannibal
12. Liam Farri X-Cannibal
13. Harold Rye X-Villager
14. Maxwell Wilkinson X-Villager
15. Victoria Bert X- Villager
16. Ryan Bert X-Cannibal
17. Paul Reeder X-Villager
18. Daniel Manchester X-Villager
19. Ed Bernard X-Villager
20. Rachel Foster X-Cannibal
21. Ben Mek X-Cannibal
22. Christina Collins X-Cannibal
23. Bertha Quentins X-Villager
24. Gina Darwin X-Villager
25. Anna Yearling X-Villager
26. Ignatius Zimmerman X- Seeker
27. Bernard Baker X- Villager
28. Kyle Carter X-Villager
29. Susan Bailey X-Villager
30. Philip Alan X-Villager
31. Stephen Clyde X-Villager
32. Randolph Barr X-Villager
33. Emily Tyler X-Villager
34. Jackson Bay X- Cannibal
35. Elizabeth Samuel X-Villager
36. Samson Smith X-Villager
37. Jason Smith X-Villager
38. David Brown X-Cannibal
39. Al Greene X- Villager
40. Anastasia Ferguson X- Cannibal

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