Lea Malfoy examined her reflection in one of the bathroom mirrors in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She'd been sorted into Slytherin, just like her family had wanted her to be. But something was nagging her deep in her stomach... Did she really want to be in the Slytherin house? The house where people were cunning and evil. The house where her brother, Draco Malfoy, belonged. Where many generations in her family had belonged. No. She didn't.

Chapter 5

Ravenclaw Love

It was true that Lea refused to believe what Marnie was telling her. No way would her older brother kill someone as friendly and lovely as Professor Dumbledore, even more so that he was a professor. The headmaster, to make matters worse. An order from Lord Voldemort? Lea decided that she would have to put a stop to this, no matter what would happen in the process. Draco couldn't kill Dumbledore. Lea was straying more and more away from the Slytherins as time went by. But Draco seemed to have a friend from another house too. A Ravenclaw. Called Willow Dennis. She had thick, curly brown hair which reached past her waist and light green eyes. Lea had no clue how Draco could be friends with her, seeing as she was one of the nicest students in the whole school. Everyone seemed to be friends with her. But no one minded that Draco was also friends with her. Willow had a hard edge to her, though. She was only 16, but she knew many more spells than most students. Lea preferred when Draco would hang around with Willow rather than Rebecca. Rebecca just plain scared her.

On a Saturday afternoon, Lea was walking past the classrooms to hand in some homework, and saw the Potions classroom door open. Inside, Willow was mixing a potion in a cauldron, staring at a list of ingredients on the desk. She looked up when she heard Lea come in.
"Oh, hiya, Lea." She nodded and looked back down at the list, confused.
"What are you doing?" Lea peered into the cauldron, to see a bright pink potion simmering inside.
"Making a Love Potion."
"A Love Potion? Who for?"
"Oh, I'm not using it... It's for someone else to use. My friend, Annabella. She wants to use it on Draco."
"You're going to put a Love Potion on Draco? When you know he's going out with Rebecca?"
"Mm... I'm sly like that. Don't worry about it, I know what I'm doing."
Willow poured some of the potion into a glass phial and tucked it away in her school bag.
"I'm going to slip it into his Pumpkin Juice at dinner. Care to help me?" Willow started to walk out of the classroom, Lea following close behind.
"I guess. I'd rather Draco date this Annabella girl than Rebecca."
"She's a vampire."
"Who? Rebecca?"
"No! Annabella. But she hasn't eaten anyone as far as I'm aware. It should go all breezy, unless Rebecca knows who did it. Then I'm in huge trouble."
"A vampire? Huh. I'll make sure Rebecca knows that you didn't do it, don't worry."

At dinner, Lea glanced over at the Slytherin table. It was practically empty. Willow had positioned herself next to Draco and he was talking to Rebecca, who was sitting on the other side of him. Annabella was sitting opposite him. She had a cropped brown bob and green eyes. She was all ready for making sure Draco would rest eyes on her straight away. When no one was looking, Willow dropped in some of the Love Potion into Draco's goblet of Pumpkin Juice. She winked at Lea and relaxed back in her seat. Lea wandered over to them and sat down, listening to the conversation between her brother and his girlfriend.
"Pansy was really annoyed! I don't know why. Everyone knows that you love me and only me." It almost seemed as if Rebecca was bragging.
Willow was biting her lower lip, trying not to laugh. Annabella on the other hand, looked rather frustrated and was drumming her fingers on the table impatiently.
"Are you going to have a drink or what, Draco?" She snapped.
Draco raised his eyebrows but reached over and took a sip of his Pumpkin Juice. Annabella leant forwards, desperate to make sure he saw her first. Draco put the goblet down and closed his eyes. He looked to his left, opened his eyes again and looked directly at Willow.

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