Lea Malfoy examined her reflection in one of the bathroom mirrors in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She'd been sorted into Slytherin, just like her family had wanted her to be. But something was nagging her deep in her stomach... Did she really want to be in the Slytherin house? The house where people were cunning and evil. The house where her brother, Draco Malfoy, belonged. Where many generations in her family had belonged. No. She didn't.

Chapter 3

Traitor (Special thanks to _I_Have_Fred_Weasley or Jnita for creating Alexandria)

Lea bounded into the Great Hall the next morning. She wanted to get in early and eat as quickly as possible to avoid as much attention from the Slytherin table as she could. She glanced over at the Gryffindor table to see Delilah sitting with another girl. She had blonde hair and grey blue eyes and was very pretty indeed. A lot of the boys around her gaped and tried to talk to her, even if she was only a first year. Lea immediately thought 'Veela'. Marnie appeared behind her, panting and trying to catch her breath.
"You sure do go fast, don't you?" She gasped, clutching a stitch in her side which always seemed to be there after five steps of brisk walking.
"Are you ready?" Lea asked.
Marnie nodded nervously and followed Lea over to the Gryffindor table. All the Gryffindors stared at them in shock and as they passed the Slytherins there was a deafening uproar. The professors looked up from their table and started to gape too, except Dumbledore. Dumbledore remained calm, fiddling with his fingers and glancing at the enchanted ceiling. Delilah looked up and grinned.
"Hi Lea! And you must be Marnie! I'm Delilah. Oh, and this is Alexandria Colbalt." Delilah was quick to make introductions.
Lea nodded once at Alexandria and stood awkwardly by the Gryffindor table, almost everyone in the hall seeming to stare at her in shock. Marnie was blushing to the roots of her hair, looking down at her shoes. They were most certainly disrespecting the Slytherins and would get stick about it later in the common room.
"Well, are you going to sit down?" Alexandria pointed at two seats opposite them at the table.
The two Slytherins perched very nervously on their chairs, feeling as if they didn't belong. Alexandria had started to read the Daily Prophet and Delilah was sipping some pumpkin juice from her goblet. The whole hall had fell silent and everyone had twisted in their seats to look at Lea and Marnie.
"Do you get this all the time then?" Alexandria smirked and put down the paper, picking up a slice of buttered toast.
"Yeah." Lea laughed nervously.
"Oh, don't mind them. They're just a bit surprised, that's all." Delilah shrugged.
Lea glanced once more at all the faces upon hers. They didn't look surprised. Just plain annoyed and angry.
"Well, it was to be expected." Alexandria pointed out.
Marnie mumbled something untranslatable and stuffed some toast into her mouth to muffle that she'd made any sound at all. There was footsteps behind them and Lea looked up to see Draco standing there, an expression of pure shock upon his face.
"Um... What are you doing? Get back to the Slytherin table!" He hissed.
"She doesn't have to if she doesn't want to." Delilah said in cool tones.
Lea glanced at Alexandria for her reaction, and saw that she'd flushed a very deep red. She spluttered on her drink and turned back to Draco.
"I'm eating breakfast. What does it look like?" She snapped.
"It looks like you're trying to show me up." He bent down so he could whisper in her ear without being overheard.
"Well, I'm not. You can go away now."
"Father will hear of this!"

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