Kiss The Stars ~Snapey's Daughter~

I never actually stopped writing fanfiction <3

Chapter 1


/Kiss the Stars
Last night I heard my own heart beating,
sounded like footsteps on my stairs,
six years gone, and I’m still reaching.
Even though I know you’re not there.
I was playing back a thousand memories, baby,
thinking ‘bout everything we’ve been through.
Maybe I’ve been going back too much lately,
when time stood still,
and I had you./

“Mable!” called a sweet voice. Rolling off my bed, I ran downstairs and skid to a stop in front of my mom. “Yes mom?” I asked, with a smile. A stray black curl fell into my land of vision, and I quickly tucked it behind my ear.
“Sweetie, Lucy is coming over. Would you like her daughter to come? She’s about your age.” My mom said, tucking yet another stray curl behind my ear. “No, but thank you.” I said, flashing a smile at my mom.
My mother sighed. “I don’t think it’s good for an almost 11 year old girl to never talk to people.” She said. “I don’t like people.” Was all I said.
“Ever since your father le-“ I cut her off. “That has nothing to do with it!” I cried, feeling like I had been punched in the gut. My mom absolutely despised my father. So when he left, she had a death wish on him.
To be honest, when it came to anyone but Lucy, her daughter, or I, she was an insensitive b----. Excuse my language. “Well its true, hun!” she said, anger growing.
“You, can be the cruelest person I ever met.” I said, glaring darkly at her. “I’ll go call Lucy and tell her not to bring Jaycee over, then.” She said curtly, spinning on her heel.
Yeah, f--- you, mom.

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