Becoming A Starkid (Joe Walker Love Story)

Becoming A Starkid (Joe Walker Love Story)

This is about Joe Walker. Voldemort, Mama Umbridge, A D!ck, and Captain Up. He's my new obsession, so why not write a story about him? Hope you enjoy.

Name: Lacey Lopez
Sister: Lauren Lopez
About: Goes to University of Michigan, a year younger then Lauren. And only has one friend there. Doesn't know about the Starkids much yet. She is in the musical theater major, and could play piano.

Meets a boy who changes everything...

Chapter 2

Flirting With Voldemort

"We start in 5 minutes..." A guy who I just met, Nick, said. 
Lauren hugged me, "Go to your seat, we're letting people in now." 
I nodded, and rushed out, until I bumped into Joe when I turned a corner, "Oh hi." 
I smiled at him, he was taller then me... Then again, who isn't taller then me? Oh yeah, Lauren.
"Hey, Joe. Good luck out there." 
"Thanks, you watching it?"
"Front row." 
"Good. Second act I go shirtless. You'll get a full few..." 
I laughed, "Oh good. Can't wait!" 
I walked away and found a front row seat. I crossed my legs and looked around...
I was the only one here...
"Come on in, find a seat! Hurry!" Someone yelled opening the doors and letting everyone in.
People came flooding in. I was suddenly happy I found a seat earlier.

The show soon started. And Darren appeared sitting on a suitcase, I laughed, at the drawn on lighting scar he asked me to do. 
Then Lauren showed up, "Did someone say Draco Malfoy?" I cracked up at her, I'm so proud of her. Walking around like... That.

"I take my foot... My little foot..." 
Joe was taping his feet, shirtless. I looked at him, I couldn't help but blush. Dammit, Lauren was right, I do have a crush...
He looked me in the eyes, and winked. I blushed even more and smiled at him.

"Lauren, you're simply incredible! Nice... Rolling." I said to her, she was taking a sip of water while we sat in a hall.
Very Potter Musical just ended, and they were doing it once more simply because another line had formed.
"I can't believe they liked it that much..." Joey Richter said, fixing his headband.
"Dammit!" I heard Joe yell.
"Walker? What's wrong?" Lauren asked.
"I spilled water on myself," Lauren mouthed, smooth, "My white paint is coming off!"
"Lacey could put it back on!" Lauren yelled, pointing at me.
"Awesome! Lacey! Come on!" Joe ran over to me and took my hand. And ran me to an isolated area and handed me the white paint stuff.
"Just rub it on my stomach and chest a little bit. Thanks, you're a life saver." 
I nodded, and put some of it on my hand and rubbed it on him.
Wow his abs are hot...
He must of caught me in awe because he said, "I suppose you liked the shirtless act?" 
I blushed slightly, something I have been doing nonstop, "You're a very good tap dancer." 
He smiled, "I take pride..."
I finished putting the makeup on.
"I think I did good." 
He nodded, "You're a very good... Chest whiter?" 
"Yeah, sure." I laughed.
"Watching it again?"
I shook my head, "I have to pick my room mate up at the airport tomorrow, I need my sleep." 
"Well I really hope this isn't the last time I see you..."
"It's not, trust me." 
I left then, telling everyone good luck once more. I think I have more than one friend now? Good. Thats when I realized I really don't know what Joe looks like... I was really... Flirting with, Voldemort? 
That's what my life has come to.

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