Becoming A Starkid (Joe Walker Love Story)

Becoming A Starkid (Joe Walker Love Story)

This is about Joe Walker. Voldemort, Mama Umbridge, A D!ck, and Captain Up. He's my new obsession, so why not write a story about him? Hope you enjoy.

Name: Lacey Lopez
Sister: Lauren Lopez
About: Goes to University of Michigan, a year younger then Lauren. And only has one friend there. Doesn't know about the Starkids much yet. She is in the musical theater major, and could play piano.

Meets a boy who changes everything...

Chapter 13

Spin the bottle?

I walked into Darren, Joe, Brolden, and Joeys brand new apartment. Darren and Joe had moved out of our apartment and moved into this one because they thought it would help us concentrate on school more.
Which I thought was the stupidest thing ever.
I was the first person there and went on a trip to find Joes room.
Door... Bathroom... Closet... Door, door...
I ended up at the last room. Im going to guess this is his. I knocked just in case.
"What do you want Brian-Oh, Lacey. Hey."
I looked up at a shirtless Joey Richter, "Oh! Joey! I'm so sorry, I was looking for Joes room."
"He's the second door."
"Oh, thanks." I said, turning slightly red.

"Joseph Shawartz Walker! Open this door!"
He did, and smiled when he saw me, "Don't you look beautiful."
"When do I not?" I winked, and walked past him into his already messy room.
"Joesph. I'm going to have go live with you again. It's filthy!"
"Then you should." He said, throwing a dirty shirt at me, which I kicked away.
"What about Geena?"
"She could live with Darren again. Ditch our old apartment."
I laughed, thinking about it, "Considering our house is about to collapse. I wish I could."
"Hey, you were the one who said 'You guys need to learn about school, not our hottness'"
He thought back, "I was an idiot two days ago..."

"Who wants to play spin the bottle?" Geena asked, raising a ketchup bottle.
"I didn't know we were In eighth grade!" Julia laughed.
"Oh hush, it will be fun!" I smiled.
"Then you can go first." Brosenthal said.
I rolled my eyes and crawled forward, I spun in and it landed on Joe.
"And that's why I like this game." I winked.
Joe spun and it landed on Devin. Which may have made me a little mad.
We kept going, but it got boring, until Brian spun and got Joey.
I gasped, "Do it!"
We all shouted until they butterfly kissed.
"My turn." Joey laughed, spinning.
It landed on me.
Everyone 'Oooed'.
"Shut up." I stuck my tounge out.
But then we kissed...
And I was screwed, because I felt something for him.

DID YOU KNOW, Joes middle name is Shawartz? How incredibly amazing is that? I've been fangirling for the past hour! I'm not sure if that's really it, but oh well. It's all nerdy and cute.

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