Becoming A Starkid (Joe Walker Love Story)

Becoming A Starkid (Joe Walker Love Story)

This is about Joe Walker. Voldemort, Mama Umbridge, A D!ck, and Captain Up. He's my new obsession, so why not write a story about him? Hope you enjoy.

Name: Lacey Lopez
Sister: Lauren Lopez
About: Goes to University of Michigan, a year younger then Lauren. And only has one friend there. Doesn't know about the Starkids much yet. She is in the musical theater major, and could play piano.

Meets a boy who changes everything...

Chapter 1

Meeting your Future

"Listen, Lauren, I really don't want to go... I have homework-"
"Lacey Marie Genevieve Lopez, I am staring in a musical. You must come see it, come on, I'm your sister!" 
I rolled my eyes, "What's gonna make you stop tormenting me?" 
"Come to the my play?" 
I slightly smiled, "Front row?" 
"Front row!" 
"Thank you!" 
I nodded and sat on my bed.
Lauren was my sister, she was a year older, even though I was 3 inches taller. 5'3"...  
We went to the same college, she had a musical theater major and so did I. Our parents fought us to act and sing when we were born. I wasn't in this play she was in, cause I'm not really friends with her group. I have a best friend who goes here too, she's out of town, but she's really my only friend...
Is that sad? 

"So who're you playing, again?" I asked. I was walking with Lauren to where she was supposed to get ready and everything.
"Draco Malfoy!" 
"That's the funny part." She read my mind.
I laughed, "I was having bad feelings about this but now, I can't wait for it." 
She smiled and opened a door.
"Everyone, Lauren Lopez has arrived! With her sister, this is Lacey. Lacey, this is the cast of A Very Potter Musical." 
I smiled and waved, "Hello. Lauren told me absolutely nothing about you." 
They laughed. Then a girl said, "Well I'm Jaime, I play Ginny in this play..." 
They continued introducing each other, I remembered meeting a few of them, but not all.
"And I'm Joe Walker... Voldemort, this is not what I look like, I promise." 
I laughed, he was dressed in a robe and had white skin.
"But you have a nose...?" I smirked.
He smiled at me, "Well, I'm sorry I'm not chopping my nose off for a role in a play." 
"Plastic surgery?" 
"Oh yeah, let me get right on that." 
I giggled. 
Lacey. Stop giggling. Don't embarrass yourself.
"So, you've met everyone, wanna help me get my wig on?" Lauren asked.
I smiled and nodded and followed her to the outside of the room we were in.
"So... Joe-"
"Moses, Walker or Richter?" She asked replacing her shirt with a white button down one, then a tie which I had to help her put on.
"Walker... He's kind of-"
"I saw the way you looked at him. My little sisters got a crush." 
I blushed slightly, "No, I was just gonna say... You know what never mind." 
She smiled at me, as I look down at my feet.
"You're to cute, Lace." 
I pushed her lightly and handed her her wig.
"/How/ do I put it on?" 
"Put your hair in a bun, genius... I'm gonna have to push you in the nursing home too, aren't I?" 
"You're screwed when we're 90." 

Walker story... Yeah. Awesome. So, I wanna have this contest, well not really a contest but the first person to put there names in the comments get to be Lacey's best friend. Yay! Put stuff about yourself too, like what your like, what you look like, and such. First person gets it. Woo-hoo. xD

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