Things Dont Always Look The Way They Seem~How I Lost The Love Of My Life And Fell For Someone Unexpected

Hi Awesome People. Okay so lately Ive been thinking and I really wanted to write Like this and I hope that you Guys enjoy It. I think that i want to express things better and so I really need you guys to tell me what you think I hope you guys comment I would love that So much you guys are Awesome Once again!

Chapter 3

Its As If God Really Hates Me

Okay guys thanks for all those comments and this chapter i made extra long and awesome just for you guys trust me you'll love it!!!! thanks again!

I walked inside my bedroom after i spent the whole day trying to make Chris talk to me. I really messed it up. It was all Vincents fault. I hate guys like him who think they could get whatever they want no matter what.

I dropped my book bag on the floor and dropped my self on the bed looking up at the ceiling. How could i mess everything up with Chris I love him. If i really did love him i would have never even almost let Vincent kiss me.

I fell asleep Minutes later.

"Do you want to play tag with me?" The boy asked me. "Sure." I said. "Ok. I'm Vincent." He said stretching his hand out to me. "I'm Gray." I said as i got up to play. I ran more until i caught up to him he was a fast runner. He ran inside this building. He opened the door to me once i got there. "Do you want to come in?" He asked me concern on his face. "I dunno. It says Do Not Enter." I said to him. He moved to where i was and looked at the sign.

I woke up and jumped out of the bed. That dream it was a memory! I yelled in my mind. That little boy is Vincent and that Girl is me! I remembered what happened after my dad called my name i told Vincent i had to go and then i turned to wave good bye and he slammed the door shut.

He was so nice to me. Why is he such a jerk now? I opened my closet and put clothes on

I needed to walk. I dont understand why Vincent changed and how could i forget that day till today.

I walked to a park with tons of trees and paths which seemed very familiar i got to a small park in the middle of a path i chose. Few kids played in the park and i walked over to a small pond and stared at my reflection.

Vincents point of view

I ran inside the building and sat down on a couch in the lobby. "Hey Kat." I said lying down on the couch as she watched t.v from a high chair near a table. "Hey Vince why are you here and not somewhere else you barley come here at this time." I shrugged. I didn't know why i was here actually.

I lived in an abandon building.Me and my sister Kat ran away when we were 9. No one knows we live here and we'd like to keep it that way. I dont want to see my mom or dad ever they were both crack heads and i cant stand it. I guess that's why im like the way i am.

Everything was simple when i was younger i use to play in the park and have so much fun but i guess that changed too.

"Yeah your right Kat maybe i should go take a walk." I said grabbing my jacket and walking out the building. I looked at the small park in the middle of the path where i use to play. A girl around my age was looking at a pond. I wonder if that's fun for her.

Out of no where she turned around. Her eyes wide and she started walking to where i was. I couldn't let her see me here. I moved to a tree and hid behind it.

She touched the nob of my building door and looked up to the sign above it which has been there ever since i lived here. It kinda reminded me of the time where i almost had a girl come inside and play with me.

Grey's Point Of View

I stopped looking at myself because i heard a sound of a cat very close from here. I decided to follow the sound. Maybe shes lost or stuck. I walked over to a building because it sounded like it came from there.

I touched the nob of the door and looked up to a sign. Do Not Enter. Was this the same park i got lost in? Just as i pushed the door open a black cat came running out the door.

"Wait! Come back Kitty!" I said following the cat up a hill. I always liked cats it reminded me of my sister who always wanted one but i could never get her one because she died when she was only ten. Tears attempted to come out but i forced them back in.

It would make me feel better if i got one now even if she couldn't enjoy its company. Id get it for her.

I followed the cat to train tracks. I wondered what it was doing here. It started to get dark it was only seven when i came here. Maybe it was eight. I was a little scared its night time and its dangerous where i live at this time.

Maybe i should go back and try to get the cat later. Yeah I'll do that. I turned around when i saw two guys walk my way. I could see smiles on their faces as they got closer to me.

Oh no. Why do all the bad things happen to me? Its as if god really does hate me.

I turned the other way i could out run them if im fast enough. Then two more guys appeared. Great now im screwed. They were now one or two feet away from me.

I tried walking to the other side where they weren't at but they all crowded around me. "Hey baby where do you think your going?" One of the guys asked he had black hair that covered his face. "Um guys you know you really dont want to do this." I said walking backwards.

" Oh honey dont worry im sure you'd enjoy it." Another guy said. He had brown hair and was a little muscular. "I really dont think i would." I said trying to walk the other way.

Black hair dude pushed me down to the train tracks. It hurt alot. I felt my back it was bleeding. Did i scrape it against glass. They all started laughing and then another guy who had red hair sat down on the tracks and touched my hair.

"Stop!" I yelled. Trying to get up even if my back hurt like hell. The black haired pushed me back again. He laughed a little. "This ones feisty boys." Black hair dude said.

Red head was about to touch my chest when someone yelled. "Hey leave her alone!". I'll be sure to thank who ever said that.

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