Things Dont Always Look The Way They Seem~How I Lost The Love Of My Life And Fell For Someone Unexpected

Hi Awesome People. Okay so lately Ive been thinking and I really wanted to write Like this and I hope that you Guys enjoy It. I think that i want to express things better and so I really need you guys to tell me what you think I hope you guys comment I would love that So much you guys are Awesome Once again!

Chapter 2

What An Awsome Birthday....

I woke up from voices singing 'Happy Birthday'. I opened my eyes "Shes awake!" I heard Chris my boyfriend yell. "Good morning sleeping beauty." My mom said kissing my forehead. "Hi guys." I said getting up from bed.

"So are you ready?" Chris asked. "For what?" I asked as my Mom and Dad left us alone. "Your birthday party silly!!" He said plopping on the bed. "Woah!! Chris I told you already im not having a party!" I said walking to the mirror to brush my hair after putting on my clothes :

"Come on! Grey this would be fun." He finished saying. I turned around to face him. " No i don't like birthday parties " I said walking down to the kitchen.

"Okay Grey" He said following me suit. ".Come on i don't want to be late to school." I said grabbing my car keys and walking out the door followed by Chris.

I entered my red Ford Mustang GT. "Your lucky!" Chris said entering the passengers seat. "Whys that?" I said turning the ignition on and changing the radio station.

"Because this car is beautiful." He said touching the car. I didn't say anything and the rest of the drive to school was silent.

We got there minutes before class started and i took my seat first period in the back of the room. It was math class. I looked around the room. Same people no one new and that kid Vincent never shows up. Yeah nothing new.

The teacher kept talking on and on about stuff when the door opened. "Mr.Clark finally showing up for class." Mr. Stewart said as i looked up to see who it was.

Vincent. "Take a seat next to Ms.Chance." Mr. Stewart said Pointing to me. Wait what me!? Great! I hope hes talking about someone else in this room with that last name. Oh no hes walking to me. Mr. Stewart was talking about me.

What an awesome way to start your birthday Note Sarcasm

"Okay class pair up with the person next to you." Mr.Stewart said. Now i have to talk to him the guy who thinks hes so hot and everything. I don't know why all girls like him. Yeah maybe hes a great football player. But i actually hate guys like him.

Maybe if i pretend to not see him there and look out the window i wont have to talk to him. "What a b!!!tch." Vincent said. I turned to him. "Oh so im a b!!!tch?" I asked. He smirked. "Your ignoring me even though i didn't do anything yeah you are a b!!!tch actually. Maybe even the biggest one i ever met." I started laughing. "Yeah im the b!!!tch." i said getting up from my seat and walking out the class.

"Ms. Chance get back here!" Mr. Stewart yelled. "Oh shut up!" I said walking out. Vincent followed me out. "So your following me now? I thought i was a b!!!tch." I said turning around to face him. "Yeah you are but i tend to like b!!!tches." He said.

"Where are you even going?" He asked me. "I dunno somewhere your not at." I said pushing the exit doors open. "Well too bad that's not gonna happen." He smirked. I ignored him.

The sun hit our faces as i walked out across the street. "Where do you want to go?" He asked. "I don't know im going across the street." I said. He laughed.
"I like the way you use sarcasm." He said.

"Gee thanks." I said sitting on a bench in front of a store. He sat down too. "What can i do for you to leave me?" I said turning to face him. He smiled. "Wow you are a b!!!tch." I laugh. "But you tend to like them." I said. He smirked.

"Yeah i think I like you the most." He said. There was silence and our faces were inches away. "I have a boyfriend." I said moving out the way. "Yeah and i have every girl. Does it matter?" He asked. "Yeah it does cus..." I stopped to think.

"Cus... no ones gonna find out." He said. I shooked my head. "I cant i would never kiss you anyways." I said. He pulled me closer to him. Our faces very close. He just need to fill the small gap between us and i would of i think let it happen.

"Grey?!What are you doing?" Chris yelled. I pulled away from Vincent. "Wait Chris I can explain!" I said pulling away from Vincents grip. Chris ran back inside the school building. "Great do you see what you did?!" I yelled at Vincent getting up from the bench. "So what! Who cares about him." He said.

"Wow your the b!!!tch! You Jerk!" I said running off to chase Chris

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