Things Dont Always Look The Way They Seem~How I Lost The Love Of My Life And Fell For Someone Unexpected

Hi Awesome People. Okay so lately Ive been thinking and I really wanted to write Like this and I hope that you Guys enjoy It. I think that i want to express things better and so I really need you guys to tell me what you think I hope you guys comment I would love that So much you guys are Awesome Once again!

Chapter 1

8 years ago in Camden New Jersy

I panted out of breath. Running away from that little kid i met at the park sure made me tired. Where is he? I thought. I looked back to see him catch up to me. I started running once again but soon became tired. Stopping to drink water from a fountain the kid Tapped my shoulder.

"Tag Your It!" He yelled as he started laughing and running off a bit.

I didn't know him but he seemed to comfort me. Before this happen i was with my mommy and daddy we were at this huge park with lots of trees and paths. I stopped to tie my shoes when i finished i looked up to see no one. "Mommy? Daddy?" I said terrified. No one answer so I kept walking straight ahead. Maybe I would find them.

But I didn't and me looking for them lead me to this small park where these kids played. I went inside sitting on a bench. "Do you want to play tag with me?" The boy asked me. "Sure." I said. "Ok. I'm Vincent." He said stretching his hand out to me. "I'm Gray." I said as i got up to play.

I ran more until i caught up to him he was a fast runner. He ran inside this building. He opened the door to me once i got there. "Do you want to come in?" He asked me concern on his face. "I dunno. It says Do Not Enter." I said to him. He moved to where i was and looked at the sign.

"Don't worry I come here all the time." He said grabbing on to my small hand. Just as we were about to enter voices yelled out. "Grey!!!!!!!! Come here!" I heard my Dad yell from the other side of the street. I turned around. "Daddy." I mumbled.

"Where you going?" Vincent asked me. "I gotta go home now." I said to him as he released my hand. I turned around to wave good bye. The Do Not Enter door slammed shut. I put my hand down and shrugged running off to my mom and dad who looked worried sick.

Little did i know that Vincent would Become the love of my life and everything that happened happened for a reason. Everything would be ok in the end......Or at least that's what i like to think

Ok so i hope you guys liked it and want more Remember that i really need you guys to tell me what you think. I hope you enjoyed it and comment you guys are the best!!!!!!!!! Again ahhhhh im so excited i hope this turns out to be a good story!!!!!! till next time

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