Fallen for a Prince

Fallen for a Prince

Hope you enjoyz!

Chapter 1

Taken Prisoner

Rachel struggled as two guards snatched her from her home and threw her inside a truck. They tied her wrists, gagged her, and blindfolded her. They decided it would be best to keep her legs untied so she could walk on her own but one of the guards had to hold them down to keep her from kicking them.
To Rachel, the ride seemed like a never-ending journey as she laid on her back. She didn't know what she did wrong to get this kind of treatment. It was rare that a crime was committed in her town, especially something like this.
She tried to speak but the rag kept her from doing so.
The truck made a sharp turn down a gravel road and stopped in front of barn just up ahead. One of the guards roughly snatched up Rachel and placed her on the ground; shoving her foward indicating her to walk.
As she unknowingly walked toward her destination, she heard something being unlocked. One of the guards pulled back the barn door and the other pushed her inside. The headlights from the truck only gave little light inside the barn.
Rachel fell to the ground with a loud thud, struggling to get back on her feet.
The guards chuckled as they slammed the barn door shut, leaving Rachel in complete darkness.
She gulped in fear and began screaming muffled screams as the sound of the truck faded away.. She heard something move in the short distance and quickly stopped screaming.
Suddenly, her blindfold was removed and she squinted her eyes to get use the light. Her eyes slowly adjusted as five girls slowly approached her.
They all looked about her age - eighteen. Their clothes were torn, dirty, and ragged. Their shoes were worn out and their skin was filthy. They all had the same fear she had.
"W-who are you?" Rachel asked the five strangers; the sixth one cutting the thick ropes from her wrists.
"I'm Stephanie." a tanned girl replied. She had messy brown hair and dark blue eyes. Particles of dirt rested on her rosy cheeks.
"This is Claire, Varsity, Nicole, Destiny, and Brenda." Stephanie said as she gestured toward each girl.
Claire's skin was much lighter than Stephanies and her hair was dirty blonde. Her eyes were emerald-green.
Varsity and Destiny looked exactly like twins. They were dark-skinned, had hazel eyes, black hair, and the same facial structures. They smiled at Rachel which made her less fearful.
Brenda threw the ropes to the side as she stood beside Stephanie. Brenda had the same caramel skin as Rachel. Her eyes were also hazel and she had dark brown hair.
"Hi," Rachel lowly mumbled and they each gave her a wave or a smile.
"What are we doing here?" she asked.
Varsity sighed heavily before responding, "The King has taken us against our will to marry one of his six sons."
Rachel looked around confused. "But there's seven of us,"
Brenda shivered before answering, "The King is taking one of us for himself."
"We all think it's very wrong of him to cheat on his Queen." Destiny piped in.
Rachel sighed. Her freedom was taken away so the King could have her to himself or to give to one of his sons.
As if on cue, they all froze from the sound of a gravel rumbling beneath the tires of a vehicle.
Brenda quickly shut off the light and grabbed Rachel's hand. She led up her to a ladder and they both climbed to the top, snuggling themselves against the hay.
"What are we doing?" Rachel whispered, slightly shaking from fear.
"The King sends guards to make sure we're in bed. If we aren't, we get a severe punishment."
Rachel sighed shakily as the barn door quickly opened and the light was flicked back on.


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