Gone With the Fame (A Michael Jackson love story)

Gone With the Fame (A Michael Jackson love story)

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By the way, I'm changing up his death a little bit.

Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

by: MrsRadke
Name: Vanessa Black
Age: 26
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Dark Brown, halfway down her back
Skin: Not tan, but not pasty
Eyes: Deep green
Style: Conservative, but nice
Occupation: Nurse, but studying to be a certified doctor
BFF: LaLaine Scott

June 25th, 2009

I walked around the hospital with a clipboard in my hand; I was checking on the patients in the children's wing to see how they were.
As I walked, I past many wheelchairs and stretchers lined up against the walls. I sighed to myself before entering room 312, which housed an 8 year old girl with Leukemia.

"Hey, Taylor. How are you today?" I asked her as I sat down on the very edge of her bed. She looked up from a magazine she was reading; I noticed she had lost more hair from her ongoing kemo treatments.

"Oh, I'm good. My chest hurts a little is all." she replied with a smile, aside from her present state. She always made me feel better when I was down, even though I have no right to be upset about anything, especially compared to her. But no, the only time I ever hear her whine or complain is when they don't play her favorite Lady GaGa songs during the commerical free hours on the radio.

"So what are you reading?" I asked as I pointed at her magazine.

"It's the new J-14. My sister brought it for me when she visited yesterday. I'm reading about how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had chemistry off set aswell as on while filming New Moon. "

I laughed, "you just love that silly vampire guy, don't you?" I said as I touched her cheek briefly. She bobbed her head up and down, "yes! But his name is Edward Cullen........ He is sooooo dreamy..." she said exhaling.

"You're only eight!" I retorted, while I laughed a little harder.

"Well he's only like...... one-hundred and eight! There's not that much difference!" she said, throwing her hands up and giggling with me. We sat there and laughed for a few more minutes before I checked my watch and realized I had to get to the other patients. When our laughter finally died down, I spoke, "I'm sorry Tay, but I gotta go....." I said softly.

"Aw, why? Can't you just stay for a little while longer?" she whined. When she did her bottom lip jutted out just a tad.

"No, I really can't. I have to go make sure all of the other kids are okay too." I said. She looked down at her lap.

"But how about........ I come back for lunch, and I'll try to sneak you in some real food. Not the nasty stuff they serve here." I said devilishly.

"McDonalds?" she asked quietly.

"I don't know...... ah, for you? Sure."

"Yay!" she squealed as she clasped her hands together tightly. It was so funny how the simplest of things could make a child so happy.

"Yeah, alright. Gimme five; on the blockhand side." I said as I flipped my hands so she could smack them. I smiled one last time before I got up and went out the door and around the corner to the next room.


I pressed the elavator button and waited patiently for it to arrive.
When the doors opened I stepped inside and pressed the third floor button. It rose up quickly and the doors reopened. I walked out of the elavator and over to the service desk where my best friend, LaLaine, was.

"Hey, how's is going?" I asked as I leaned on the counter. She glanced up at me from writing something on a check-in form. She had a creepy smile plastered on her face.

"Whoa, what kind of expression is that?" I asked as I laughed at her a little. She bit the side of her lip and motioned for me to come closer, so I leaned over the counter. She leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, "Nessa, you'll never ever ever guess who just checked in." she said quickly.

"Who was it? The Pope?" I joked in a low voice.

"Better...... it's...... it's....." she began.

"Spit it out, Laine!" I said, as I grew anxious.

"Michael Jackson!" she said so fast I almost didn't understand her, but I did.

"Are you serious?! What's he even doing here?" I asked frantically. She looked down at the check-in form again and read it over with lightning speed, "he is....... seeing a doctor for........ it doesn't say." she mumbled softly.

"What do you mean, 'it doesn't say'? You have the put that on the form when you fill it out." I said as I reached down and turned the paper around so I could see it. I looked in the boxed in area where it should say but all that was written was for personal reasons. I scrunched my eyebrows together in confusion.

"Well what room is he being put in?" I asked as I looked back up at LaLaine.

"Marie told me she put him in 568. Then later she asked me if I knew who moved him, because he wasn't in there when they tried to bring him lunch. So I'm not really sure...." she said as she exhaled in saddness. In that silence I remembered I had food in my hand, I looked down at it.

"Oh, I forgot already, I gotta get this to Taylor before she thinks I forgot about her." I said as I held up the bag for Laine to see. She just shook her head, "you know you're not supposed to be giving that to her. It's bad." she said like a mother would to a child.

"Oh fish butts, a couple of chicken nuggets and fries never hurt anybody. 'Sides, her mom said that I could last time I talked to her." I said proudly. I'm glad I actually remembered to ask for something for once.

"Whatever, but if you get caught, don't expect me to back you up." she scolded.

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks again for the update on our special guest!" I said smiling. She smiled back and rolled her eyes, "you're welcome."

I stood up straight and walked off to Taylor's room, still smiling widely to myself at the thought of the King of Pop being in the same building as me.

I walked into Taylor's room to find her sleeping on her back. I quietly walked around to the sid eof her bed and set the bag of food down on the table next to her.

"So peacful...." I whispered to myself as I ran my fingers gently over her almost hairless head. It was such a shame too, her hair was dirty blonde and beautiful when she first came in. Sometimes I think hospitals make things worse rather than fix them. I sighed for the third time today.

I pulled my hand back to my side and watched her sleep for a little while longer.

I wish I had my own kids...... I thought to myself. But alas, making children takes two people, and that was a vital thing that I lacked. I considered adoption before, but I'd rather not be a singal mom, especially nowadays.
I took in a deep breath and let it go in frustration. I turned away form Taylor and walked out of the room swiftly.

I walked back towards the front desk, but didn't stop moving, "if Taylor wakes up, could you let me know LaLaine?" she nodded her head without looking up. She was probably still staring at that check-in form.

I continued gliding along down the hallway, even though I wasn't really sure where I was going. I didn't really have anything else to do, since I was technically still on my lunch break. So I settled on wandering the halls and visiting some random patients who looked like they needed a friend.

Eventually I ended up walking into an elderly man's room. Not just any elderly man though, this guy was cool.
His name was Hudson, he never told any of us his last name, so to everyone, he was just Hudson. He was in our senior wing for having horribly frail bones, but other than that he was as lively as can be. Sometimes even, if kids were well enough, we would take them down the hall to his room and he would tell them stories of adventures he had when he was their age. It always made me want to smile, how they adored him so much. But now, he's doing worse than before, and doesn't accept visitors very often anymore.

"Hello, Hudson." I said cheerily as I leaned against the door frame. He barely lifted his head up from his pillow to look at me, "my, my, my. If it isn't me old friend Vanessa. Come, have a seat." he said, flashing his eyes over to a chair next to his bed.

"I'm sorry I haven't seen you in so long, it's just that I've been working over in the children's----" but he raised his hand to cut me off. He smiled and his face crinkled a little, "it's fine, dear. You're here now, aren't you?" he said. I smiled back, "yes I am, Sir."

For a while, we just made small talk, about life, well mine at least, until I asked him to tell me a story. I listened intently to his riviting tales of how him and his younger brother went up to an abandoned house on the top of a hill at midnight when they were younger, "and as we were approching the porch, we saw a man sitting there with his feet kicked up on the railing, and----" but all of a sudden I heard a small scream, then a cry for help. I glanced over at Hudson, although he had the same confused look on his face as I did.

I stood up and walked over to peek out the door. No one was there.

"I'll be right back." I said to him, he nodded in response. I quickly ran to my right and down the hallways, scanning all the room as I passed.
I reached the end of the hallway but everyone was fine. Then I heard a loud thud and another yelp come from behind me. I ran back the way I came, past Hudson's room. A bit farther down the hallway, I slowed to a fast walk as I scanned the rooms on this side. I looked to my left and noticed a door was completely shut, that's no supposed to be closed. Maybe..... I thought to myself as I snuck up to it. I leaned against the wall and wiggled the doorknob until it opened.

Once the door was out of the way I flung myself inside to see a man lying on the hospital bed and another man attempting to give him CPR but failing miserbly. The man doing the CPR stopped momentarily and looked at me over his shoulder, "I would ask for help. But he's dead." he said with a strange look on his face. It was almost as if he was trying to hide his expression from me.
I looked into his eyes and stared him down, then pounced over to where the bed was. My eyes widened in shock as I saw who layed underneath the man's hands.

Michael Jackson.

I wanted to scream, but honestly, what good would that do at a time like this? Me being a stupid fan girl was not going to save him.

I needed to save him. I thought to myself, after the realization had over-powered me. I glanced up at the man again who just stood there with Michael's unknown physical state, unmoving underneath his hands.

"Move!" I said, bumping him out of the way with my shoulder. He stumbled back but regained his balance in the same second. I leaned down over Michael's heart and listened for 1.....2....3 seconds. Nothing.

I still didn't believe that he was dead, so I did what I was taught to do in medical school.

I slid my hands below him and picked him up in my arms; he was surprisingly light compared to most men. I set him down gently on the floor so I would have an easier space to do CPR on. I immediatly got my hands into position on his chest and began pumping with the beat I thought his heart should be at.

Lord, please don't let him die. I whispered to myself. I shot a glare over at the man next to me who was just watching this all go down, "go! Make yourself useful and go get help! NOW!" I shrieked at him. It took him a second but he ran out of the room in a hurry. Even though I didn't trust that guy enough to go get someone to help me, I had to, I couldn't leave him here like this.

"This is no use!" I shouted to myself after about three minutes of worthless comprssions. He still lay there, unmoving, unbreathing;

Hopefully still living.

Now I knew for sure that the man wasn't coming back, it should only take about thirty seconds to get some kind of emergency staff down here. It's been too long, I'm going to have to take matter into my own hands.

I stopped the compressions and searched around the room frantically for some sort of emergency button. Aha! There was one underneath the bed. I pushed it repeatedly but nothing happened.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit!" I muttered to myself. I stood up and paced around for about ten seconds, biting my lip while trying to think of something, anything, to not let him die. I snapped my head up and saw the shockers hanging on the wall. Well, that's what I called them at least, since that was their job. I quickly grabbed them off of the wall and heated them up by turning on the switch.
Now I've only used these once while I was in school, and it was on a dummy.

And I'm not certified to use these, but I did know how to, so I'm really hoping that'll be enough to help this poor man. I shut my eyes and prayed quietly to myself before attempting it. When I re-opened them I was a bit calmer, "it'll all be over soon." I whispered to the both of us, even though he couldn't hear me.

I rubbed the two machines together and yelled, "clear!" before they hit his chest roughly and brought it up. He thumped back down onto the floor. I still had the shcokers in my hands, so I very carefully leaned down over his chest to check to a beat 1.......2....3....... nothing.

"C'mon, live! LIVE! Clear!" I shouted again as I repeated the the process. His chest heaved and hit the ground again. I leaned down once more 1......2......3...... tha-ump. I heard his heart sing gloriously. I smiled as widely as I could and turned the shcokers off. I set them back up on the wall and went back to the floor to listen to his heartbeat again.

Tha-ump, tha-ump, tha-ump. It beat harmoniously. Then he began to breath again. It was shallow, but it was definately a breath.

I lifted him carefully back up onto the hospital bed and pulled the covers on him up to his torso. Then I was about to run out of the room when about ten workers with plastic bags and tubes all ran in, blocking my way out.

"What happened in here?" one of them asked me when they looked over at him.

I proudly spoke, "I saved him." I announced.

"You? Psh, you're just a nurse." another one of the replied.

"So? I went to medical school just like the rest of you. I know everything you do, except I'm a little younger." I said, losing my breath a bit from all of the maddness.

A few of them nodded their heads in agreement, "we'll check the footage in the cameras just to be sure of it...." the same guy said. I rolled my eyes, "whatever."

I went back over and stood beside Michael's bed.

He was was breathing.

He was living.

And it was all because of me. I thought to myself. Huh, it's funny, I thought stuff like this only happened in your wildest dreams.
And my dream just got even wilder.

He opened his eyes.

(A/N: This is the longest chapter I've ever written for any one of my stories! And I didn't even do a rough draft of it in my notebook! I just made this up on the spot! Haha, I'm such a dork. Anyways, I hope you guys liked it, it was fun to write. So rate, comment, favorite, FR, and all that jazz. Okay, bye ladies!)

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