Cementary Drive (an MCR Revenge Fan Fic)

well if u guys read the last chapter from "look alive sunshine (a killjoy fan fic!)" i said i would make another MCR fan fic so....................here it is!
and here are the characters!
Marci (me! ya i decided not to use my real name for this story :P )

hope u guys lik it!

Chapter 7

The Ghost Of......................Me?!

beep beep beep beep i couldnt open my eyes but im pretty sure that was the sound of a Heart monitor. great, just what i need another accident. i then opened my eyes. i got off the hospital bed. Gerard came in. "oh Hey Gee" i smiled. "GAH!" he screamed, dropping his coffee. "what?!" i asked. "WHY ARE THERE TWO OF YOU?!?!??!" he freaked out. "huh? what are you talking about?" i asked. he probably had something to drink before he got here. "turn around" he said i turned around. OH-MY-GOD! i looked at the hospital bed and there i was! lying perfectly still. "whats going on?!?!' i asked. "i dont know! dont ask me!" i started pacing. "uh....go get the other guys, i wonder if they can see me too" i told him. he just stood there. "what are you waiting for?! GO!" once he left i walked over to my dead/alive/sleeping body? i reached for my face, afraid that my hand would go right through it, i basically sealed my eyes shut. i felt my hand touch my face. i didnt go through. i let out a breath of relief. "thank god" i whispered. i pulled my hand away. it seemed VERY weird to touch my face, outside of my body. "no im being serious!" i heard Gerard say. they probably thought he was crazy. "DUDE YOU GOTTA STOP DRINKING! YOUR NOW SEEING THINGS THAT ARENT REAL!" frank yelled. oh great. Gerard opened the door. i froze. "MAN! I SWEAR IF YO--" frank stopped in mid-sentence. "can you see me?" i asked them. they all nodded. they were speechless. "whats going on?" Mikey said a bit scared/curious. "i have no idea" i said. Ray walked up to me. he poked my arm. hard. "OW!" i said rubbing the spot. "sorry, i thought it would go right through you" he said stepping back. "wait, if your standing there, whos in there?" asked Bob pointing to my body. i shrugged "like i have a clue" i told them. the doctor came in i froze. "hello" he told them. they all looked at me. "can he see me?' i asked out loud. they all turned to the doctor. "is there a problem?" he asked them. "uh....." said Ray. i walked up to him. and tried to slap him. MY HAND WENT RIGHT THROUGH HIM! the guys all looked at me in shock. "are u guys the only ones who can see me?" i said. "i dont know" said Frank. "what was that?" the doctor hear him. "oh, uh, nothing i was just talking to my self" Frank gave him a smile. "starnge kid" the doctor said queitly. "i'll be right back" i told the guys. i walked out side my hospital bed room and looked back at my sleeping/dead body? i wanted to see if anyone else noticed me. i walked and walked and walked and walked. "i guess not" i went back to my room. Gerard was asleep on the couch and frank was messing with mikey. "hey quit it!" mikey said with his cheeks pink. "BOO!" i walked right through frnak. "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he looked scared. "ya dont pick on mikey" i told him. "yes, your ghostly-ness!" he said. "okay lets get serious what are we gonna do?" i asked. "about what?" frank asked. "gee, i dont know, lets start with the fact that im a ghost and i could possibly be dead!" i said pointing to my body. "hang on" frank said. he walked over to my dead/sleeping body, and placed his head on my chest. "WHAT ARE U DOING?!??!! GET AWAY FROM MY CHEST!" i walked over to him. "dont worry, your still alive, and breathing!" he said. "what did you think i was gonna do?" he asked clueless. "really?" i looked at him, my arms crossed. "oh........oh!" he turned around his face flushed. "what are we gonna do guys?" i looked at all of them. they all looked at me. "i think i may have an idea" said ray. "ok lets hear it" i said................................................................................

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