Cementary Drive (an MCR Revenge Fan Fic)

well if u guys read the last chapter from "look alive sunshine (a killjoy fan fic!)" i said i would make another MCR fan fic so....................here it is!
and here are the characters!
Marci (me! ya i decided not to use my real name for this story :P )

hope u guys lik it!

Chapter 6

Sweet Dreams

i woke up on the ground. "ow what happened?" i asked. "oh, Meagan hit the back of your head with a rock" said Bob. "why she--!" i got up but Gerard held me back. "I SWEAR I'LL HIT YOU IF YOU DONT LET ME GO!" i screamed. "she's mad" said Frank. "she doesnt mean it." once Gerard let me go i ran on the street ( i spoted Meagan there) "HEY! MEAGAN!" i screamed. she didnt bother looking back at me, she ran. she ran across the street. i ran too. "MARCI LOOK OUT!" Gerard screamed in terror. i looked to see why they were freaking out. but it was to late a huge truck was at full speed and hit me, thats when everything went white, then i saw my life flash before my eyes....................................................

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