Cementary Drive (an MCR Revenge Fan Fic)

well if u guys read the last chapter from "look alive sunshine (a killjoy fan fic!)" i said i would make another MCR fan fic so....................here it is!
and here are the characters!
Marci (me! ya i decided not to use my real name for this story :P )

hope u guys lik it!

Chapter 5

Keeping Secerts

"i've been drinking for a while" Gerard said not bothering to look at us. Frank jumped at Gerard and tackled him. "FRANK!" i said pulling him away from Gerard. "im sorry!" Gerard said a bit scared. "YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDNT DO THAT EVER AGIAN!" frank said. "i....i couldnt help myself" Gerard said through tears. "its hard trying to quit" he ran to his room. "what is he talking about?" i asked Bob. Bob sighed. "you dont have to tell me" i told him. "no its not that, you see two years ago Gerard suffered from a bad alchol problem and he wanted to stop, but i guess he started drinking again" he said looking at the floor. "oh" was all i could say. i walked over to Gerards room, the door was slightly open. "Gee" i said. "huh? oh hi marci" he said with his back towards me. "can i come in?" i asked. "ya" he said quietly. i sat next to him. we sat in sience for a few minutes. "so i guess you know huh?" he said with tears in his eyes. "ya" i said quietly. we sat for a few minutes in silence. "can you promise me something?" Gerard said with serious eyes. "ya, sure what is it?" i asked. "if i EVER! get out of controll and hit you or anyone near by, i want you to hit me hard and rake the drink away from me" he looked at me. i knew he was serious. "are you sure about this?" i asked him. "yes" he was serious. "ok" i told him. "thanks MarMar" he hugged me. "you know i dont like it when you guys call me that" i said rolling my eyes. "oh, i know" he grinned. "oh wow" i said getting up. "you comin?' i asked him. "where?" "idk, lets find out, besides its already night" i said pointing to the window. "its a beautiful night" he said amazed. "yup, lets go to the park" i offered. "ok, lemme get my scketch book ok?" he said getting up. "okay"
I woke up. it was 5:50am. ugh i hate getting up this early for school. i got up and made my way to the bathroom. then i heard a knocking on the door. that was starnge? who knocks on peoples houses in 5:50 in the morning?! i opened it. it was the guys. "what?" i said a bit cranky. "oh well good morning to you to" Frank joked. "har har" i said yawning. "wanna go to the Cementary?" mikey asked queitly. "but i got school" they all looked at me. "do you know what day it is today?" Ray asked. "uhhh" i said thinking. "OH!" i suddenly remembered it was Meagans birthday! one of the worst days in my High School life! she wants EVERYONE to basically worship her on this day. "um, on second thought, the Cementary sounds pretty good, lemme change and get my stuff ok? you guys can chill here and watch some Tv there's some cereal in the cabnits over there, oh and try and be quiet my mama is still asleep" i said walking up the stairs. i went and got changed. i put on my other favorite Mindless self Indulgence shirt and lime green skinny jeans, brushed my hair through a few times got my bag and went downstairs. as i walked in the kitchen i saw the 5 of them standing in the kitchen. "what are you guys doing?' i asked quietly. "trying to decide what to have for breakfast" bob said. "um how about pancakes?" i said. "OK!" they all said in unison. i made the pancakes and once we were done we got our stuff and headed to the Cementary. we got to our spot (the one where we were supposed to camp out on Halloween night) "so?" i asked. "so what?" frank said with a bored face. "i dont know, im bored" i said. "really?! omg! me too!" he said in a preppy girl voice. "did anyone bring an iPod at least?" Gerard asked. "i did!' i said remembering i packed it along with the speakers. "well, play some music!" frank said getting up ready to dance. i began looking for a song to play, i was taking a while. "ugh! gimme tht!" frank snatched the iPod from my hand picked a song. it was "Issues" by Mindless Self Indulgence. "oh wow" i said dancing. we all began dancing. then out of nowhere something hit the back of my head. "ow" i said touching the back of my head, i felt something warm. Blood. i fainted. "WHOA!" said frank catching me............................................................

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