Cementary Drive (an MCR Revenge Fan Fic)

well if u guys read the last chapter from "look alive sunshine (a killjoy fan fic!)" i said i would make another MCR fan fic so....................here it is!
and here are the characters!
Marci (me! ya i decided not to use my real name for this story :P )

hope u guys lik it!

Chapter 3

This Is The Best Day Ever.

"oh god" i said backing away from the gloved hand. the car began to drive in reverse by itself. "what going on?!" frank said pissed of. "you are being haunted by a ghost" said a scary voice. "WE DIDNT DO ANYTHING! IT WAS FRANKS FAULT!" mikey yelled. "no, its your fault! u made me hit the stick thingy and put the car into drive!" frank yelled getting up. the gloved hand grabbed the front of my costume and pulled me out of the car. "HEY! LEMME GO!" i said kicking. it was Gerard. he put his hand over my mouth. i bit it. "ouch!" he jumped. "ha! gotcha!" frank said tackling Gerard. i walked over and opened the door for mikey. "you okay?" i smiled. "ya" he said with his poker face on. "get in quickly!" i pushed mikey. "wat are u doing?!" mikey asked. "we are gonna ditch em!" i said putting the car in reverse and driving throught the Cementary. "HEY!" frank said running after the car. "in yo face!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i stuck my head out the car window. we came to our camp spot and i slammed the cars brakes which caused me and mikey to lean forward a bit. "hows that for a trick?" i told mikey. "wow" he said getting out of the car. i got out of the car. "dude! that was awesome!' ray said patting my back a bit hard. "that was epic" said Gerard, giving me a high five. "thanks" i flashed him my fangs. "i gotta admit that was pretty awesome! but if u do that again ima kill you" he said. "okay, truce?" i stuck out my hand. "nu-uh, 'spit' truce" he spit in his hand. "gross" i said. i spit in my hand and and shook his. i wiped my hand of on my puffy black and red skirt. "ok so now wat do we do?" i asked. "well we are gonna set up the tent and go to the 'Trick Or Treat' trail thats in Franklin park" said ray. "oh ok, well are Frank, Gerard and I the only ones dressing up?" i asked. "wat? oh no, i have my costume here and mikey just went to change into his." ray smiled. "oh, were did mikey change?" i asked. "right here!" he said behind the car. "ok" i walked over. "DONT! IM CHANGING!" he yelled "oh sorry! i thought you were done" i said walking back and blushing a bit. "that was well akward" i said. "ya it was!" frank said biting the head of a huge gummy bear cnady. "wear did u get that?" i asked. "this? oh i dont know, Ray got it for me" he said. "can i have a bite?" i asked. "sure" he handed me the red gummy bear. i bit the left arm of and bit the tail off. "hey! i wanted the tail!" Gerard said. "to bad!" i flashed him my fangs and made a hissing noise. he did the same. "mikey are you ready?!?!?!" frank asked. "almost! ok now i am!" he came out and was also, yes he was a vampire. but the ones that lived around Draculas time. "are we ALL going as vampires?!" i asked. "uh......" ray was putting a small black shapped coffin behind his back. "oh i didnt say it was bad or anything" i told him. "oh ok....well ya i guess we all are going as vampires!" ray said. "ok but i call vampire queen!" i said. "dang it! i wanted to be vampire queen! i even got my feathery boa!" Gerard said with a pouty mouth. "u can be vampire queen to! we both can!" i smiled. "YAY!" he hugged me. " do u got an extra feathery boa?" i asked. "i think i left one in the trunk" he said walking over to the car. he pulled put a blue/turqouise boa. "here u go my queen" he said placing it around my neck. "why thanks mi love" i said. "hey guys" said a guy with short blondish hair. "oh hey! wats up?" frank said to the guy. "nothing much i just got ur text, so we are going trick or treating?" he asked. "yup" Mikey said. the guy looked over to me. "hello. wats ur name?" he asked. "Marci" i smiled nicely. "pleased to please ya, im bob by the way" he shook my hand. "nice to meet ya bob" i smiled. "so when are we leaving?" i asked. "uh, bob u ready?" Gerard asked. "yup" he said. "ok well lets go" Ray said. we walked to the park.
after trick or treating at the cementary
"well that was fun!" i said while eating some candy. "yup!" said Gerard waving his boa in the air. "hey ima change ok? so NOBODY come ok? YA THATS RIGHT IM LOOKIN AT YOU FRANK!" i joked. "what? me? ur kiddin right?" he joked. "har har har" i said. after i changed into my Invader Zim pj's i walked over to the tent Ray, Frank, Bob and Mikey were laughing at who knows what so i crawled over to where Gerard was. "Gerard?" i said. he was sitting there taking a swing at some bottle. then he burped. he then collapsed! "GERARD!" i screamed. "wats going on?!?!?!" bob asked, his voice harsh. "what happened?" ray asked me. "i dont know he was drinking something, he burped then just......collapsed" i said my voice a bit shakey. "this isnt good" frank said. "what do we do?" i said scared. "um....ok Marci u stay here with Gerard and make sure he's still breathing ok? Ray stay with her" frank said. "alright" ray said. i rolled Gerard over, and placed a blaket on him and put a pillow under his head. "please be ok" i said tears coming down my face. "he'll be ok" ray said puttin his arm around me for comfort. "lets hope" i said. i put my head on Gerards forehead, checking to see if he had fever or something. "we will be right back, hey Marci u got ur cell phone right?" "ya" i said pulling it out. "good keep it on ok?" he said. "ok" i said. they drove of to who knows what. "please be okay" i keept repeating....................................................................................................

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