Cementary Drive (an MCR Revenge Fan Fic)

well if u guys read the last chapter from "look alive sunshine (a killjoy fan fic!)" i said i would make another MCR fan fic so....................here it is!
and here are the characters!
Marci (me! ya i decided not to use my real name for this story :P )

hope u guys lik it!

Chapter 2

Hang Em High!

i woke up and relized i was on a bed. O_O it was a guys bed, the room was filled wit comic book cartoons and stuff. i turned to see gerard sitting besides me "GAH!" i screamed. "oh im sorry! i was just making sure you wernt dead" he said getting off the bed. "wat happened?" i said feeling my head. there was a band-aid there. "u fell and busted open ur head open" said frank entering carrying some pizza in. "ok?" i said a bit dizzy. "but....why am i in ur room" i said turning to Gerard. "we had to put u somewhere" he said blushing. "DANG IT! I GOTTA GET HOME!" i said getting my stuff and heading towards the door. "ok, we will walk u there, we dont want another accident" said frank. "wheres ray and mikey?" i asked. "they went to get more candy for friday night" said Gerard. "wats on friday?" i asked. "well....its my birthday and halloween!" frank said happily. "and we are gonna have a camp out in the Cementary" said Gerard. "really?" i asked. i've heard of ppl doing tht but but i never thought they meant it. "wow" i said. "you should come" frank smiled. "really?" i asked. this is the first time i've been invited to a "camp out" "ya! it'll be fun!" said frank. "um ok" i said. "you dont have to go if u think its weird and stuff" said Gerard trying to hide his blush. "actually i've never been to a 'camp out' before, this could be fun" i smiled at him, trying to ease his embaressment. "so your coming right?" frank said breaking the akward silence. "yup! count me in!" i said happily. "sweet!" said frank and gerard in unison.
Halloween Night/Frank's B-day i was packing my stuff and getting ready for the Cementary "camp out" i packed my pj's, extra clothes, ipod (cnt leave with out it!) some candy and my halloween costume (i was going as a vampire fairy) i heard a knock on my bedroom door. i opened it. it was my mom. "ya?" i asked putting away my halloween make up. "some of your friends are here" she said. "ok, let them in" i said going to the bathroom to put on my bright pink with red highlights wig on. "hey" said frank. he was wearing a white button down shirt with (fake) splattered blood and black skinny jeans. he also had an X on each eye which he did with eyeliner. "hey there" i said while fixing my wig. "ready?" he asked leaning against the wall. "almost, hey hand me my hot pink lipstick and fangs" Gerard walked in and handed them to me. "thanks" i smiled. "anytime" he said. "wat are u supposed to be?" i asked. "a vamp" he said flashing me wat looked to be real fangs. "WHOA! are those real?" i asked examining them. "well no, but mikey knows this place where they sale hororr movie props" he said. "man i need to go there" i said. "you should!" said frank. "they have the best 'fake' blood there!" he said filled with excitment. "oh i forgot!" i said going to my closet and getting a present bag with a jack-o-lantern on it. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" i said. he took the bag from me and took wat was inside. "WOW!" he said taking out a tricked out Halloween themed jacket from the bag. "whao! how did u get this?" he asked, his eyes big lik manga characters. "i made it" i said. "oh and turn it to the back!" i told him. "im spechless!" he hugged me. on the back there was his name in black and orange and on the bottom it said "Halloween" in bright orange. "wow i cant even thank you or hug u enough" he said putting it on. "oh lemme get a picture!" i said taking out me phone and snaped a picture of him wearing the jacket. "epic" i said showing him the picture. " wow" said Gerard behind me, i forgot he was even there. "ah! dude u gotta stop scaring me like that!" i told him. "well its Halloween and i like to role play who or what im dressed as" he smiled and flashed me his fangs. "ok? well im ready so i think we should go" i said getting my stuff. we walked down stairs i said bye to mom and we climbed in a truck. "whos car is this?" i asked. "oh its mine, i got it today as a present" frank smiled taking the wheel. i sat between ray and Mikey. "he's got a licence right?" i asked Ray. "ya he got his yesterday" he said, something weird in his voice. something tells me i should be wearing safety gear. "WHOS READY TO DIE?!?!?!?!?" frank screamed at the top of his lungs. i pretended to jump across ray and mikey but frank caught the back of my t-shirt. "oh no u dont little vamp!" he joked. "sit" he commanded lik i was his dog. "bite me" i smiled flashing him my fangs. "funny" he said putting the car into drive. i closed my eyes and griped rays arm. HARD. "ow!" i opened my eyes. "were still alive?!?!?!" i joked. "yes, yes we are" mikey laughed. we drove our way to the Cementary. Gerard and Ray got out of the car. "hey mikey hand me our bags" mikey took of his seat belt, he acidently pushed me and made the stick go from park into drive. "MIKEY!" i screamed. "OH MI GOSH! IM SORRY!" he quickly sat back down. frank was about to put the car back to park when the car hit something hard, maybe a huge rock or tomb stone. the car jumped a bit which caused frank to leap over me and landed on his stomache on mikey. "wat do we do?!?!" i said. "put the dang car in park!" he said i tried but as looked ahead there seemed to be a cliff. "uh cliff ahead!" we all looked at out the the window. we all screamed. the car went a bit passed the cliff. "we are so dead!" mikey yelled. the car then got caught in something. "WHAT WAS THAT?!?!" i asked frank. "i dont know" he said trying to get up. i looked out the window and saw a gloved hand reach out for me. "AH!" i screamed. "OH MY GOD!" mikey said. "RUN!" said frank. "I CANT MOVE GENIUS!" i told him. "well i guess this is the end" mikey said hugging both frank and i. the gloved hand opened the door and reached for my neck.....................................

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