Cementary Drive (an MCR Revenge Fan Fic)

well if u guys read the last chapter from "look alive sunshine (a killjoy fan fic!)" i said i would make another MCR fan fic so....................here it is!
and here are the characters!
Marci (me! ya i decided not to use my real name for this story :P )

hope u guys lik it!

Chapter 1

Im Not Okay (i promise)

"wake up! your gonna be late for school! AGAIN!" i heard my mom yell form the bottom of the stairs. ugh school! the one place i hate on this piece of dirt we call "earth" i began getting dressed. i did my hair in pig tails (manga character style) did my make up (kinda lik amy whinehouse except WAY less!) put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans and motor cycle boots and my favorite Mindless Self Indulgence shirt. i grabbed my hoddie (the one tht looks lik Gir from Invader Zim) got my back pack and headed down stairs. "ready?" my mom asked. "ready" i said.
she dropped me off, and i headed to first period.
as the day eneded i made my way to 6th period, so i decided to get my ipod out since there was a subsitute for today. as i made my way i got the air knocked out of me. "wat-- wats ur problem?" i barley got out. "oh wats wrong Goth girl? to tough for ya?" i turned to look who it was. Meagan a.k.a the schools MOST popular girl. "wat do u want" i said getting my breath back. "nothing" she said. "just leave me alone!" i told her. "drop dead!" she smiled. "u would lik tht wouldnt you!" i yelled. "ya, then i wouldnt have to look at a walking fashion disaster!" i stood there. "oh and before i forget" Meagan began."here" she walked behind me and before i knew it i was COVERED in black paint! "hey! wats ur problem!" i yelled. "oh i dont know Goth Girl!" she took out her camra and began taking pictures. "IM NOT GOTH!" i yelled. "sure" she said rolling her eyes. "well, these are SO going on the internet!" she ran of to the computer room down the hall. i grabed my stuff and ran outside the school doors. i didnt care if i was cutting class. i just didnt care anymore. i ran and ran and ran. untill i came across the Cementary. i stood there and just stared across the neverending Cementary. i walked inside. i began to look at all the tombstones. "wow" i whispered. i turned off my ipod and tried to find some place i could sit. i felt a tap on my shoulder. "ah!" i screamed. "dont worry im not a zombie" said a guy voice. i turned around to see who it was. he was wearing black skinny jeans and a reagular black hoddie. he had long-ish black hair and hazel eyes. "hi im Gerard" he stook out his hand so i could shake it. "hello, im Marci" i sid shaking his hand. "wat happend?" he asked. "mean girl poured paint on me"i sadi. "oh" he looked at the messy paint on me. "wanna come and sit with us?" he offered. "sure" i smiled. we walked over to a spot where there was a HUGE oak tree. "guys this is Marci" he told his friends. i waved awkwardly. "this is my brother mikey" he pointed to quiet awkward noy. "hi mikey" i said warmly."hey" he smiled. "this is ray" he said pointing to the dude with the fro-ish hair. "hey, i like ur hair" i said. "thanks!" he said. "and this, is frank" he said pointing to the guy wit short black hair and ALOT of tattos. "sup?" i said. "yo" he replied back. "why dont u sit down?" Ray said. "kk" i sat down. "here want some sour patch kids?" mikey said handing me the bag full of sour candy. "why thanks!" i said taking a few. "so do u guys always hang out at the Cementary?" i asked them. "yup" frank said. "this is his favorite places in the world" ray teased. i looked over at Gerard. he seemed pretty quiet. and distracted. i got up and walked behind him. "GERARD!" i yelled. "AH!" he jumped. the rest of the guys laughed. "im just messin wit ya" i joked. "dude u got footsteps of a vamp!" Gerard said still a bit shakey. "ya she dose" frank said laughing. "he we should better go, its getting late" mikey said. "we should" said ray. "how far is ur home from here?" Gerard asked. "just around the corner. litteraly" i said. "ok great!" frank said. "but u should come over and get cleaned" he said. "ya i should" thinking about how freaked my mom would get if she saw me lik this. "ok well my house is a few block down, shouldnt take tht long" said Gerard. "ok" i said. lookin at the time. it was only 1:15 school dosent end till 2:45 so i should be safe. as we began to walk on the street i tripped over a huge-ish rock and tripped which caused me to hit the cement. i saw a bit of blood once i hit the ground "MARCI!" i heard mikey yell. i turned around and saw a car coming fast. i closed my eyes felt a HORRIBLE pain and heard a terrible cracking noise, then everything went black...............................

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