What the Hale is Love? (Derek Hale Love Story)

Rayna Vera has just moved from Chicago in order to get away from the memory of her lost mother. She dropped out of college in order to move and take better care or her 17 year old half brother, Holden. Her father was killed by the Alpha when he refused to join the pack. She was born a werewolf. She meets Scott McCall and can instantly sense something off about him and when she meets Derek she knows things are up. But what exactly is up, is it love

Chapter 1

Another Pack


"Holden! C'mon, I know you don't want to, but you have to go to school" I yelled up the steps. He appeared and looked down at me with a frown but remained silent. "The silent treatment isn't going to work with me. Mom and I figured that out, I'll just talk you to death hun. I know you resent the move but we had to. I couldn't risk the pack coming after you or me, and there were too many memories there. We're so lucky they had a house here" I continued. He sighed and walked down the steps with his bag. I grabbed his arm before he walked out of the door. "You're the only thing I have Denny, please you have to understand."
"I love you too Ray" He muttered. I smiled and pushed him out the door. He struggled to hide his smile but failed. He sat in the passenger seat and looked at me. "I'm sorry for being such an insensitive jerk. You know I don't fully understand your wolf thing. It's been three years since your dad was killed so why would they come for you now?"
"because they're just now finding out I even existed. My father was good at keeping it secretive. That's why he had this house, it's where he would go when the pack was coming down hard on him. When mom passed, the pack was surprised to see me and her and you grieving in the paper.Sure, My mom and dad had been divorced but they stayed friends. And then your dad died and they remarried. When our mom died you know how the newspaper had our picture? They saw I had his last name so they did their research and put everything together." I explained. He nodded and was silent until we got to Beacon High.
"Later sis" He said casually, getting out of the car.
"I'll pick you up after school" I said leaning towards the passenger seat.
"I have lax tryouts" he said.
"Good luck sweetie, just call me." I said. He nodded and walked into school. I sighed and drove towards the Vet clinic. When I parked and walked into the place I was greeted by an African American.

"Well Rayna, I'm glad you are a qualified vet. A zoologist, hmm? You were almost there" He smiled after I explained my education. I smiled politely.
"I can't work after school hours, I have to pick up my brother and then cook dinner and then I have some online classes." I explained.
"That'll work out perfectly, I have a student who comes after his sport practice. If you don't mind I'd like to get you acquainted to the borders." I nodded and followed him to the back.

I heard a bell and walked to the front to see Holden with a boy. The boy didn't feel right, or smell right. He seemed different, like me.
"Scott gave me a ride, he works here." Holden explained. I nodded.
"Thanks Scott, let's go Holden" I ordered. He looked at me confused but followed. I couldn't let Holden be around any other werewolf without me knowing their status. When we got to the car I took a few deep breaths and Holden noticed my tense state.
"Ray, what is it?" He asked, putting a hand over mine.
"Scott... he's like me" I whispered. I didn't think that I'd run into another pack when we moved. He looked out the window and then back at me.
"Go ahead, I can drive home and cook" He said, noticing my anxious face. I smiled and jumped out of the car. I needed to check this kid out, especially if Holden was going to be around him. I walked back into the clinic and saw Scott petting Luca, a doberman with an injured paw. The uneasy feeling returned. What if he was part of a pack? If he finds out... will he try and tell his Alpha? I don't want to have to kill a 16 year old if he finds out.
"Oh, Rayna.. you're back" Mr.York (don't know his name) said hesitantly.
"Just hanging out, I wanted to just see what else could be done. Observing, no pay" I explained the best I could.
"Alright, well business is dead so how about you and Scott take the rest of the day to get to know each other since you'll be working together on weekends" He said. Scott and I looked at each other hesitantly. He sensed it too. Mr. york walked out and we sat quietly.
"So you're on the lax team with my brother, that's nice" I said awkwardly. He looked at me, searching my eyes for something.
"Holden is really good. He didn't really seem to be interested in school or lacrosse though. He mentioned he was using his anger about the move. Why is he so resentful about it" He asked.
"The same reason anybody would be; he left a lot of his lifelong friends." I answered simply.
"Why'd you move?" he was prying for some information, information that would lead him to why his senses were going crazy around me.
"My mom died, there were too many memories" I said. I wasn't going to give him any in depth answers. "Listen Scott, it was great meeting you but I have to walk home so I better get a move on." As I stood up he grabbed my arm. I turned around too quickly and he was almost taken aback.
"Sorry, but my friend Derek is picking me up, I'm sure he'd drop you off at your house" He said quickly. I'm not an idiot, showing him where my house is I thought slightly impressed. "It'll be quicker and safer. There's been a lot of wild animal attacks on people lately."
"Fine, I gotta see if Holden burned the house down" I half joked.
"Cool, I wouldn't want Holden losing anybody else." He smiled. We heard a car horn and i slowly followed Scott outside. "Derek, this is Rayna. Can we give her a ride home?" I heard a grunt from the car and Scott gave me a thumbs up. As I walked closer to the car my uneasy feeling doubled. Scott had lead me to another one of his pack.
"Maybe I should walk..." I said looking for some kind of escape down the road.
"No, I'm sure it's fine." Scott encouraged. I sat in the back seat quietly.
"I'm Derek, nice to meet you" The driver had turned around in his seat to extend his arm in the attempts of a hand shake.
"Rayna" I said blankly, taking his hand. "2018 Mardat Place." I said, giving my address. I looked up and saw Derek staring at me in his rear view mirror. His eyes were a gorgeous green. I looked away quickly and out the window, it was already getting dark outside. A car passed by and my suspicions about them were confirmed; both of their eyes glowed as the light of the other cars head lights hit them. I had closed my eyes and faked a yawn before they could see my eyes. There was another pack and I was stuck in a car with two of the members.

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