Why him (a jb love story)

Name: Brielle
Hobbys: dancing and singing
Fun facts:1/3 mexican loves lady gaga has been singing since she was 3 accarding to mom has devorced parents and played piano trying to teach her self gitaur

Chapter 3

a blast from the past

The next day i woke up to ginny waking me up
"what" i sayed turning over so my face was in the pillow
"don't what me tell me about sam"she said in a girly shrile voice
my eyes burst open in shock
"wh w what are you talking about i said sitting up
"well a Mr. Sam Le Buff sent the dearest Brielle Scarelta" she said in a very fake british acent
"oh God i said in a strested voice as i grabed my pillow throught it over my face fell bakwards and screemed into it.
about five seconds later Jessy and ginnys partner marko ran into the room jess was shirtless in a pair of sweet pants and marko was wearingpink boxers and an under shirt. as soon as we saw marko ginny and i started laughing and marko blushed a deep scarlet.
'whats wronge" jess asked holding back some laughter
"I forgot that one of my bestfriends/cruch is going to collage in new york and he seent me flowers" i said still giggling about markos pink pants
"tell me Marko" came ginnys voice "where a man such as you can buy pink boxers
"wait sams last name is Le Buff like shia Le Buff" said ginny
"oh yeah sams is Shias cousin

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